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Luke and Acts Test

To what audience were Luke's writing geared?
It is believed that the same author wrote both the gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles. What elements/themes in Luke's writing are in both of these works?
Yes, he intentionally changes Jewish references or reduces them; he is optimistic, and less focused on sinfulness in the world of Romans. He also stresses hope, abundance, forgiveness, and salvation. Also both works are entitled to Theophilus.
Who was Luke?
Luke was a Gentile Jew who was the most educated of the Gospel writers. He was Saint Paul's co-worker from Antioch, and he did not know Jesus in person and did not come from the holy land.
Is the gospel of Luke a synoptic gospel? How do we know?
Yes, because Luke used the Mark and Q source as well.
In Acts of the Apostles Luke wants to show that the early church continued the mission of Christ. What was included in this mission?
That they would preach the word of God until they reached the end of the world
What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles?
Luke stresses the vital role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation History. Luke viewed the history in three dramatic stages: The Age of Promise, The Times of Jesus, and the Age of the Church
Which parables are told by Jesus in Luke to caution about the burden of wealth?
Lazarus and the Rich Man and Zaccheus
What is significant about the story of Zaccheus?
Jesus went into the house of Zaccheus who was a sinful tax collector and told him to change his ways and he listened.
What is Catholic Social Teaching?
Writings from popes and bishops explaining how we can apply Jesus' views of wealth and power to our lives
What is the geographical movement of the gospel of Luke through Acts of the Apostles?
Jesus is starts his mission in Galilee and migrates down to Jerusalem where is crucified. Then the apostles take off and preach all around the world ending in Rome.
What is Pentecost?
It is a Jewish holiday that celebrates Moses' getting the Ten Commandments. It is also when all of the apostles and Mary were given the ability to speak any language
How is the Holy Spirit represented at Pentecost?
With flames and wind
Know the story of Peter and John healing the man on the Temple steps and what happens when they are brought before the Sanhedrin.
When Peter and John healed a man on the steps of the Temple everyone was amazed and they started to preach to them. The Sanhedrin was angry about this and told them that they would let them go if they never preached again. They preached anyway and then they were put into jail. The Holy Spirit freed them and the Sanhedrin was even angrier.
Who is Stephen and why is he significant? How is he killed?
Stephen was a well-educated man who was good at speech and was stoned when he started proclaiming the word of God. He was the first martyr.
What is significant about the vision of St. Peter in Acts 10:9?
God told Peter that he made everything clean to eat, this broke down the barrier between Gentiles so they may be more welcome to become Christian.
Which Lukan theme(s) does these passage exemplify. Choose all that apply:
A) Work and action of the Church
B) Prominent/frequent role of the Holy Spirit
C) Importance of prayer
D) Message of Joy and Peace
E) Role of woman and/or Mary
16) Acts 2:46-47- D
17) Luke 9:18- C
18) Acts 1:13-14- A, D, E
19) Luke 7:11-17- D, E
In approx. 2 sentences describe the conversion of Saul (St. Paul) (Acts Ch. 9).
Saul was on his way to Damascus to persecute more Christians when a blinding light descended upon him; the light was Jesus and he asked him why Saul was persecuting him. Saul was moved and was baptized; later he started to preach. He was baptized by Ananias.
Where is the final destination of St. Paul and why is this significant (approx. 1 sentence)
The final destination of St. Paul is Rome, and this is significant because he had been instructed to preach until he reached the end of the world, and Rome was the end of the known world.
Name 3/5 of the themes within Luke
A) Work and action of the Church
B) Prominent role of the Holy Spirit
C) Importance of prayer
In 2-3 sentences describe the parable of the Lost Coin and what it is meant to teach
The parable of the Lost Coin was about a woman who had lost one of her ten coins, so she went on a search to look for it. When she found it she rejoiced and held a party with her friends. This means that every sinner turned to God is a great accomplishment in the eyes of God.
In 2-3 sentences describe the parable of the Lost Sheep what it is meant to teach
There was a Shepard who had a hundred sheep and one got lost. He abandoned all of the others just to search for the one. This means that God will go out of his way to reach a sinner, and that one person in the Kingdom of God is very important.
In 2-3 sentences describe the parable of the Prodigal son what it is meant to teach
A man had a son who asked for his inheritance early so he could set out on his own journey. The son lost all of the money and was forced to return home, and instead of being mad, the father received his son with open arms and had a huge celebration. This means that God is willing to accept any converted sinner into heaven, and He will rejoice when it happens.
How does Gamaliel convince the Sanhedrin to let Peter and John go (2-3 sentences)?
He tells the Sanhedrin that if they are not from God, then their mission will diminish by itself. But if they are from God then it will succeed, and the Sanhedrin should let the mission continue. This means that their mission was from God.