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Neff "Night" Study Guide 2012

Where does Elie Wiesel grow up ?
Sighet, Transylvania
How old is Eliezer in the beginning of "Night" ?
In the beginning of the story how does the community feel about Moshe ?
He is well respected
What happens to Moshe to change him ?
He is sent away and sees Jews get murdered by Germans
What does the community think of him after this ?
They think he is insane
The Jews of Sighet are optimistic because of the news they hear on the radio in the late 1942 and 1943. What is the news and why are they so optimistic ?
they heard that there were daily bombings in Germany, though thing would get better
Describe the ghettos.
A cordoned section of a city that the Jews were forced to live in.
Why are the Jews happy when they are finally deported ?
They thought they were going to a "safe haven", couldn't believe there would be a place worse than staying there
Who offers Elie and his family safe refuge ?
Martha, their old servant
Who is Madame Schachter ?
A woman on the train who went mad and started screaming "fire".
How do the other Jews treat her, and why ?
They tell her to "shut up", sit down, tied her up and put a gag in her mouth
What is the first thing the prisoners see when they arrive at the concentration camp ?
They see smoke and fire from the furnace
What do they smell ?
They smell burning flesh
How do Elie and his father get separated from Mother and Tzipora ?
The women and younger children are sent to the right, men and older children are sent to the left.
What is Elie's last memory of them ?
He watches them go to the right, Tzipora holding her mothers hand stroking her hair
What lies do Elie and his father tell at the concentration camp, why ?
They lie about their age ( 18 & 40 ) and their occupations
Why does Elie's father wish Elie had gone with his mother ?
He didn't want to see what they would do to his son.
What is Kaddish and why doesn't Elie join his father in reciting it ?
The prayer for the dead, he is questioning his faith
How does Elie change by the end of the first night ? ( Physically, emotionally, and spiritually )
They shave their heads with clippers, stripped down naked and he loses his faith in God
Why does the gypsy strike Elie's father and how does Elie react ?
Elie's father asks where the bathroom is, Elie has no reaction
What is A-7713 ?
Elie's Identification # on his left arm
Who is Stein and why does Elie lie to him ?
He is a relative of theirs, "Stein of Antwerp" Reizel's husband. He lied that his family was ok to help him cope with the possibility that his family had died.
How could Elie have bribed the assistants to arrange for him to go with his father to a "good unit" ?
He could of given them his shoes
Why can't the musicians play Beethoven ?
Jews are not allowed to play German music
Who beats Elie in front of the French girl and why ?
Idek, because he is having a fit
Why is the French girl afraid to speak to Elie ?
She was pretending to be German and really didn't want to talk to him for fear he would get in trouble
Where do they meet years later ?
at a cafe' in Paris, France
Why does Elie give his father "Marching Lessons" ?
To teach him to change step, to keep to the rhythm so that they will not beat him
What do the air sirens signify ?
They signify an Air Raid made by American planes
What phrase do many repeat before their deaths ?
Long Live Liberty
What is Rosh Hashanah ?
The last day of the Jewish year
What is Yom Kippur ?
The Jewish day of atonement
Why doesn't Elie fast ?
Mainly to please his father who had forbidden him to starve himself. He had already lost his Jewish faith
Why does the head of the block tell Elie to run during one selection ?
to show he is in good health, so he will get more work and stay alive longer
What sorts of "presents" and "inheritance" gifts does Elie's father give him and why ?
He gives him a spoon and a knife, this is all he has left, he thinks he may be selected
How does Elie end up in the hospital ?
He develops an infection in his foot and needs surgery
What decision does Elie have to make when in the hospital ?
to stay there and hope to be evacuated from camp
What happens to Zalman ?
He collapses and is trampled to death
Why do you think that "sons abandoned their fathers' remains without a tear" ?
Because they should be concerned with their own lives, they became desensitized to people dying around them.
Why is Juliek playing his violin in this terrible situation ?
He plays his life, a "farewell to the dead", he plays as though he will never get to play again
What does he play ?
Beethoven's Concerto
Why do the prisoners "rejoice" when the order comes to throw out the corpses ?
Because it made more room for them in the train car.
Why do the soldiers throw bread in the cars ?
They did it to laugh at them and to watch them kill each other for a crumb of bread.
What happens to a man and his son during this ?
the man hides the bread, then the son kills him for it and they both end up dying
How does Meir Katz save Elie's life ?
he pulls Elie out, saving him from being strangled
Why does Elie decide to be an "invalid" ?
so he can stay in the block with his father
What happens when Elie sees his father die and why doesn't he cry ?
he feels a sense of relief, he no longer needs to worry about helping him stay alive and look after him
What would have happened if the children had gone to the assembly place, as ordered ?
They would have been shot
Why do the SS men flee the camp ?
They were under attack by the resistance assembled in the camp
When is Elie finally freed ?
April 11th 1945
Why is Elie sent to the hospital after his liberation ?
He was sent to the hospital due to food poisoning.
To be forced out
the Jewish mystical tradition, based on interpreting revelations of the scriptures Old Testament
The first German concentration camp started in 1933
the entire body of Jewish literature, law and teaching.
a source of Jewish religious laws