29 terms

Old Testament Final

seer, man of God, servant of the Lord, messenger of the Lord, man of spirit, watchman
name the various terms for a prophet
forth tell, fore tell, warning
name the 3 biblical functions of a prophet
orally, in writing, acting it out
What methods did the prophets employ to deliver their message?
Things are so certain that they will happen. They can be spoken of as if they have already happened
Define prophetic perfect
literally, essentially, conditionally
Name the 3 ways that prophecy can be fulfilled
The attempt to justify God's ways in the world. How can evil exist
Moses, Samuel, Elijah
Who were prophecy's founding fathers?
Isaiah to Malachi
Which books fit the category of Classical Prophecy?
histerical babblers, fortune tellers, religious fanatics
The prophets were not:
Covenant obligations, The Day of the Lord, The concept of messiah
What were some common themes of the Prophet's writings?
Was not a prophet originally, nor was he a prophets son. He was a dresser of sycamore trees and tender of sheep. Amos had 8 oracles which he gave against 8 nations. Had vision of a locust plague
Originally the name for Joshua which means "salvation". He married a prostitute who was a type of Israel.
to sow or scatter
Meaning of Jezreel
not pitied
not my people
Gives 3 prophetic addresses, each beginning with the word "hear". He had many predictions about the coming messianic kingdom
The theme of the book is "God's salvation". Tradition says that he was sawed in half. His wife was a prophetess
Prophesied to Ninevah, as did Jonah, and the theme of the book is the "judgement upon ninevah without mercy"
The theme of the book is "The justice of God" Complains to God for God's silence toward sin and His judgement on Judah by a worse people
The theme of the book is "The severity of God's judgement against Jerusalem and God's goodness". Seven times he refers to "The day of the Lord"
The book is an auto-biography of the man. He is called the weeping prophet. He did not marry which was a picture of sorrow and doom upon Israel
Predicted the restoration of Israel. Taken to the Valley of Dry Bones by God.
Encouraged Israel to rebuild the temple
A priest that was born in Babylon who spoke on the future establishment
Not sure that he was a prophet. Ezra may have been the author of the book. He spoke of "One" who was to come who would instruct the people in righteousness. The word curse closes the book as well as the Old testament
Those who did not write down their messages. Focused on the king and his court
Nonliterary prophets
Judah's royal court
Who's court did Isaiah serve on?
remnant, the sovereignty of God, the servant, the Holy One of Israel, and the Messiah
Chapters 1-39 of Isaiah focused on:
chapter 6
Isaiah was called in: