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Corbett STAAR Review "Exploration and Colonization"

Which Came First?
The Colonial Era or Exploration Era?
Exploration Era
This colonial region was known as the "Breadbasket Colonies"
The Middle Colonies
Which Came First?
The Revolutionary Era or Colonial Era?
Colonial Era
Which Came First?
The American Revolutionary War or the French and Indian War?
French and Indian War
Which Came First?
The French and Indian War or the Mexican American War?
French and Indian War
In Which War...
did the British capture French land holdings in the North America?
French and Indian War
It Was the Year in Which an agreement for self government was signed aboard a ship
Name of the First Permanent English colony founded in the Americas
Jamestown, Virginia
Great Migration
when more than 15,000 Puritans journeyed to Massachusetts to escape religious persecution and economic hard times
This colonial region had a warm climate, a long growing season and lots of rich soil
The Southern Colonies
Thomas Hooker
Puritan minister who led about 100 settlers out of Massachusetts Bay to settle Connecticut because he believed that the governor and other officials had too much power
the very first written Constitution in the Colonies
FOC- the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
This economic theory benefits the mother country by financially using and abusing her colonies
ordered to leave the Massachusetts colony in 1635 for believing in religious toleration, purchased land from a neighboring Indian tribe to found the colony of Rhode Island
Roger Williams
Puritan dissenter, banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, fled to Rhode Island
Anne Hutchinson
colony run by individuals or groups to whom land was granted by the king
proprietary colony
crop sold for surplus and money
cash crop
founder of the colony of Pennsylvania
William Penn
They established a plan of mutual self government aboard a ship
The Pilgrims
The French were interested in the Americas to make a living by...
fur trapping and trading
Religious group who settled in Pennsylvania with their fair-minded opinions
This colonial region had plenty of timber, deep harbors for shipping, and a cold climate
The New England Region
another name for the Middle Colonies
Breadbasket Colonies
people who owed money they could not pay back, settled in Georgia
large estate farmed by slave labor
laws that set out rules for slaves' behavior and denied slaves their basic rights
slave codes
the belief that one race is superior to another
founded Maryland for Catholics
Lord Baltimore
Act of Toleration
passed in Maryland, provided religious freedom for all Christians
James Oglethorpe
English soldier and reformer, founded Georgia for debtors in 1732
The winner of the French and Indian war was....
Great Britain
economic theory that a nation becomes strong by building up its gold supply and expanding trade
Year in which the English established the first permanent English colony in the Americas
This ultimatum was issued by Parliament following the French and Indian War
The Proclamation of 1763
This is the coldest colonial region
New England
This is the warmest region
Southern Colonies
The French and Indian War was fought during this period