18 terms

Advertising vocabulary

Type of promotion that relies on public relations effect of a news story carried usually free by mass media.
Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages are disseminated.
corporate image
Mental picture that springs up at the mention of a firm's name.
promotional advertising
That is aimed at informing the prospects about special discounts, sale, or schemes.
institutional advertising
The promotional message aimed at creating an image, enhancing reputation, building goodwill, or advocating an idea or the philosophy of an organization, instead of sales promotion.
print media
The industry associated with the printing and distribution of news through newspapers and magazines.
broadcast media
Spreading an advertising message or signal over a wide area (or to all connected devices) without specific targeting.
specialty media
Relatively permanent promotional message printed on small, handy items such as bags, calendars, cups, diaries, etc., given away as gifts to serve as reminders.
direct mail
Direct marketing method in which carefully targeted prospects (chosen on the basis of age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc.) are presented with custom tailored offers for goods or services via ordinary mail or email.
outdoor advertising
Advertising on bill boards or signboards, outside of a building and often by the roadside.
transit advertising
Advertising that appears inside and outside on public transport vehicles, in waiting areas, and at stations and terminals.
Average number of the copies of a publication distributed in a standard period such as day, week, or month.
prime time
Part of daily broadcast time during which the number of listeners or viewers is the highest.
Feature-program length (usually 15 to 30 minutes duration) commercial presented more as a talk show than a promotion.
classified ads
Small messages grouped under a specific heading (classification) such as automobiles, employment, real estate, in a separate section of a newspaper or magazine.
display ads
Usually any print advertisement other than a classified advertisement.
run of schedule
Airing time of a commercial on a radio or TV left to the discretion of the station.
press release
Written, audio taped, or video taped matter about a book, event, person, or program, presented by its promoters or principals to the media for editorial comment and free coverage.