15 terms

SS8 Cold War Vocabulary

Domino theory
belief that if South Vietnam fell to communism, other countries in the region would also fall to communism
policy to reduce tensions between two countries.
SALT Agreement (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks)
treaty between the US and the Soviet Union to limit the number of nuclear warheads and missiles.
policy in the Soviet Union of speaking openly about problems.
Cold War
after World War II, long period of intense rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States.
the policy of trying to prevent the spread of Soviet influence beyond where it already existed.
Truman Doctrine
President Truman's policy of giving American aid to nations threatened by communist expansion.
Marshall Plan
American plan to help European nations rebuild their economies after World War II
Berlin Wall
wall built by the communist East German government in 1961 to seal off East Berlin from West Berlin.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
alliance formed in 1949 by the United States and Western European nations to fight Soviet aggression.
Warsaw Pact
military alliance, established in 1955, of the Soviet Union and other communist states in Europe.
nation with the military, political, and economic strength to influence events worldwide.
Cuban Missile Crisis
major Cold War confrontation in 1962.
Alliance for Progress
economic aid program for Latin America developed by President Kennedy.
Peace Corps
government organization that sends American volunteers to developing countries to teach or give technical advice.