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What is the primary constitutional task of the vice president, besides succeeding the president in case of death, resignation or incapacitation?

To cast tie-breaking votes in the Senate

Pork-barrel legislation?

Deals with specific projects and their location within a particular congressional district

The first lady is an important resource for the president in his capacity as?

Head of state

The president's delegated powers come from?


The main political value of the vice president is to?

Bring the president votes in the election from a group or region that would not otherwise be a likely source of support

What did the framers mean to accomplish by indirect election of the president?

To make the president responsible to state and national legislatures

The __is the informal designation for the heads of the major federal government departments?


Executive agreements differ from formal treaties in that they?

Do not have to be approved by the Senate

When North Korea invaded South Korea in 1950?

Truman sent American troops to Korea without asking for a declaration of war

The __asserted that the president could send American troops into action abroad only in the event of a declaration of war or other statutory authorization by Congress, or if American troops were attacked or directly endangered?

War Powers Resolution of 1973

All executive agreements require approval by the Senate?


A singing statement is?

An announcement the president makes about his interpretation of a congressional enactment he is signing into law

The president must share foreign policy powers with?


Why was George Washington's reception of Edmond Genet as ambassador of France during the French Revolution so significant?

It reflected the authority of the president to officially recognize specific regimes as the sovereign power of a nation when there is doubt as to who rules

The president's State of the Union address is mandated by the Constitution?


An executive order is?

A rule or regulation issued unilaterally by the president, with the status of a law

The __is the center of military policy and management?

Department of Defense

Who has the authority to set interest rates and lending activities for the nation's banks?

The Federal Reserve System

Which of the following is an agency created by Congress to assist it in overseeing the federal bureaucracy?

General accounting office

How are ambassadors chosen?

They are selected by the president, often as patronage for large campaign donations

What is an independent agency?

An agency that is not part of any Cabinet department

The main mission of the State Department is diplomacy?


Amtrak is a good example of a government corporation?


Which statement is the definition of privatization?

A way to reduce government costs by relocating government programs to private groups or corporations

___policy concerns banks, credit, and currency?


The Civil Service Act of 1883 attempted to pattern government hiring after practices found in?


The head of a department is called?


The use of taxing and spending powers to shape the economy is part of ___policy?


Which of the following is the best description of an iron triangle?

The stable relationship between a bureaucratic agency, a clientele group, and a legislative committee

The concept of oversight refers to the effort made by?

Congress to make executive agencies accountable for their actions

___is the primary mission of the State Department?


16. When Congress passes a law that sets broad parameters for government action and bureaucracy is responsible for filling in the blanks, this is called?


A bureau charged with using restrictions and penalties to control some specific conduct in society is called a ____agency?



The use of public hearings before congressional committees and subcommittees

Iron triangles disappeared as a result of the Civil Service Act of 1883?


Before the Civil Service Act of 1883, how were government appointments handled?

Appointments were made to political supporters as part of a spoils system

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