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term applied to the aggresive build up of military forces and aggressive foreign policy action, often leading to war


term for governments that aim at controlling every aspect of people's lives


the Italian militarist, nationalist, socialist movement that took power in the 20's--


the German form of Fascism—a totalitarian movement (militant, nationalist, socialist, racist) that took power "legally" in Germany in 1933, by 1940 controlled most of Europe

Communism (& Marxism & Leninism & Stalinism)

names for different aspects of the social/economic/political philosophy based on the ideas of Karl Marx—that the working classes would, country by country, lead a worldwide violent overthrow of "capitalism"


in its obvious form, prejudice based on race


"super-patriotism"—strong, sometimes emotional-to-the-point-of-mindless devotion to one's country--


a common term for prejudice against, hatred of Jews


term for "weak" political policy of giving in to such political bullies as Mussolini and Hitler —"backing down," in the hopes that they'll be satisfied, and leave you alone


the widespread, persistent attitude throughout American history that we should just stay out of the world's problems

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