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Academic Writing Podcast Part 2b

You can hear all these words in context via Academic Writing Podcast on iTunes and at http://academics.hse.ru/podcasts.Podcasts 14, 15&16. Academic Writing Vocab Cards from the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, come in 3 ways. Part_2a is a word with a definition; Part_2b is a word with a sample sentence; Part_2c is the same word with a gapped sentence. This is a uni program so everything is absolutely free, including scripts in pdfs.
primary source
He owed the paper's credibility to the significant number of cited primary sources.
secondary source
To save time, the student mostly used secondary sources.
body of literature
While researching her term paper, the student noticed that an extensive body of literature exists on the effects of pesticides on ground water.
to attribute to
This research is attributed to our university's most renowned professor.
to deal with
Though story grammars are the most extensively studied type of schema, I do not intend to deal with them specifically in this paper.
New evidence has been brought to light in our research.
to survey
"In this article we survey homemakers about their spouse's participation in household tasks
to document
We document the changes to the bureaucratic structure in this paper.
seminal (work)
His book on social policy proved to be seminal.
to plagiarize
If you do not cite your sources, then I will assume that your paper is plagiarized.
to support the hypothesis
What evidence exists to support the hypothesis of universal grammar?
body of evidence
A growing body of evidence shows that exposure to Deca may cause adverse health effects, including damage to the nervous system and impaired motor skills.
to establish the facts
The counsels have been unable to establish the facts by reciprocal representation and must establish them through trial.
to distort the facts
Its perspective, by being one-sided, must necessarily distort the facts.
undeniable facts
The undeniable facts that he presented really added credibility to his work.
to stem from
Most people's insecurities stem from something that happened in their childhood.