Causes of soil degradation


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Allowing too much livestock to graze on a land
Farm too intensely and take out nutrients leaving vulnerable to erosion
More heat results in less vegetation and causes soil to be vulnerable
Cutting down trees results in less vegetation and wildlife. Tree roots hold up soil and once cut the roots are exposed.
Declining Rainfall
Dries soil and leaves vulnerable to wind and water erosion
Flash Flood
A huge amount of water over a short period of time that washes away top layer
Blows away top layer of soil
As we get more people, the demand of land and food increase - Intense farming and deforestation
Fertilizers and Pesticides
A unnatural part added to the ecosystem causing water to be polluted and the soil could become too rich. Also the crops grown in over fertilized soil gain that pollution.
Where things are very steep soil is more vulnerable to water erosion
GM and HYV Crops
Genetically Modified and High Yield Variety encourage over cultivation and result in fewer nutrients
Industrial Pollution
Pollution in soil and acid rain from atmosphere cause it to be unusable
Unsustainable Water Use
Using too much water can take off the top layer of soil
Off road use of vehicles result in soil being destroyed and left vulnerable to wind and water
More pollution, vehicles, deforestation, etc. connected to it
Most concerning are biological and chemical warfare that cause long term affects that damages soil