Psychological treatment I

the generic name given to formal psychological treatment
biological treatments
treatment based on medical approaches to illness and disease
the use of medication that effect brain or body functions
psychotroptic medications
drugs that affect mental processes
biological or medical model
the use of psychotrophic medication is based on what model?
Biological or medical model
which views psychological problems as diseases that can be treated medically
anti-anxiety medications
reduce anxiety and promote relaxation but also induce drowsiness and are highly addictive
anti anxiety medications
valium, xanax, ativar, klonipin are all examples of what?
regulate mood disorders and anxiety disorders
anti depressants
prozac , paxil , elavil and nardil are all examples of what ?
mood stabilizers (like lithium) used for bipolar disorder
block the effects of dopamine, not always effective
thorazine, Haldol, zyprexa and seroquel are considered what kind of drugs?
alternative biological treatments
used as last resorts because they are more likely to have serious side effects than either psychotherapy or medication
alternative biological treatments
psychosurgery, Electronconvulsive therapy (ect) and deep brain stimulation are all what?