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from Act IV and V


(adj) deeply thoughtful
[She listened intently, looking PENSIVE.]


(v) ordered
[The jurors were ENJOINED not to discuss the case.]


(adj) headstrong
[The WAYWARD boy did not listen to anyone and insisted on working alone.]


(adj) causing gloom or misery
[The DISMAL sight of his abandoned house made the old man sad.]


(adj) disgusting; detestable
[The LOATHSOME smell of rotten eggs filled the laboratory.]


(n) what is left over; remainders
[The REMNANTS of the house still stood after the fire.]


(n) extreme poverty
[His choice was either to find work or to live in PENURY.


(adj) arrogant
[He acts HAUGHTY onstage but humble offstage.]


(n) statements or events whose meanings are unclear
[Voters were confused by the AMBIGUITIES in the candidate's speech.]


(n) instrument for inflicting punishment
[Longer practices were the SCOURGE that the coach used to punish the players for their laziness.]

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