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Terms about the Reformation in Europe.


A time when the power of the Catholic church was challenged and new christian churches were created.


The practice of charging interest - considered to be a sin by the Catholic Church.


A certificate of forgiveness for sin that could be bought.

Anglican Church

National Church of England

Edict of Nantes

Catholic monarchy granted Huguenots freedom of worship in France

Catholic Counter Reformation

Catholic Church mounted a series of reforms and reasserted its authority

Society of Jesus

(The Jesuits) was founded to spread Catholic doctrine around the world during the Counter Reformation.


Established to reinforce Catholic doctrine; often did so by arresting and torturing heretics.


People who left the Catholic church and followed one of the new churches created during the Reformation.

30 Years War

War during the Reformation that started over religion but was made more political by Cardinal Richelieu of France.


French Protestants

What countries became Protestant?

England, N. Germany, Switzerland

What countries stayed Catholic?

Italy, Spain, France & S. Germany


city that became a Calvinist theocracy

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