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black slide

a slide that displays at the end of the slide show to indicate that the presentation is over

bullet point

an individual line of bulleted text on a slide


a set of characters with the same design and shape

list level

levels of text on a slide identified by the indentation, size of text, and bullet assigned to that level


the powerpoint view in which the window is divided into three panes - the slide pane, the left pane containing the slides and outline tabs. and the notes pane

notes pages

a print out that contains the slide image in the top half of the page and speaker notes typed in the notes pane in the lower half of the page

notes pane

an area of the normal view window used to type notes that can be printed below PICTURE OF EACH SLIDE


a box with dotted borders that is part of most slide layout and that hold text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures

sizing handle

a circle or square surrounding a selected object that is used to adjust its size

text alignment

a feature that changes the horizontal placement of text within a placeholder


a research tool that provides a list of synonyms


words with the same meaning


the arrangement of the text and graphic elements or placeholders on a slide

clip art

images included with the Microsoft office or from Microsoft office online

contextual tools

tools used to perform specific commands related to a selected object

picture styles

a prebuilt set of formatting borders, effects, and layouts applied to a picture

slide transition

a motion effect that occurs in slide show view when you move from one slide to the next during a presentation


text that prints at the top of a sheet of slide handout or notes pages


text that displays at the bottom of every slide or that prints at the bottom of the sheet of a slide handouts

slide handout

printed images of a single slide or multiple slides om a sheet of paper

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