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Robert Browning
He was very private however wanted to be known (celebrity status). He was also known for his use of dramatic monologue. He wrote " My Last Dutchess" and "Porphyria's Lover". He wrote 50 monologues that were publised in 1855 in order to be know by a wider public.
Matthew Arnold
who worked as an inspector of schools, first person to lecture in english in oxford university, felt the literature culture was not held in high standards, william wordsworth was a a neighbor and close friend, He wrote Dover Beach, he also felt that leterature must directly address the moral needs of reader. He also though he was the best play write
Dover Beach
Was written by Matthew Arnold, It is believed that this poem was written on his honeymoon night, there is references to ancient greek play, and to sopholcles who wrote Edipues, and a reference to a historical battle which took place where he was honeymooning. This poem Challenges the validity theological and moral perceptions that have shaken the faith of people in God and religion.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
He wrote Sherlock Holmes, He was a prof. at Oxford university and was the first to teach his class in English. He felt the culture was not hed in high standard and that literature was lost. He was forced by the people to bring back Sherlock Holmes after deciding to end the series. Basically was imprisoned by his own creation.
1832 Reform Bill
Was passed during the Victorian period. Was for the The right to vote and the fair number of representatives in the House of Commons in the British Parliament. Was also the start of Compulsory Education
means the unified complex of characteristics that give each thing its uniqueness and that differentiate it from other things.
concept of inscape shares much with Wordsworth's "spots of time,"His insisted that inscape was the essence of poetry
means either the force of being which holds the inscape together or the impulse from the inscape which carries it whole into the mind of the beholder:
Goblin Market
Written by Christina Rossetti, as per the poet it was written for children, Poem has a religious undertone of the Adam and Eve story, shows the sacrifice Lizzie made for her Laura, showing the bond and love sisters have for each other. It also gives a look of what went on during the time period in the cities. The crimes and temptations people would be exposed to in the market places or in the streets.
Compulsory education
refers to a period of education that is required of every person , For poorer families, ensuring their children attended school proved difficult, as it was more tempting to send them working if the opportunity to earn an extra income was available. Attendance Officers often visited the homes of children who failed to attend school, which often proved to be ineffective. Children under the age of 13 who were employed were required to have a certificate to show they had reached the educational standard.
Christina Rossetti
was educated at home by her mother, who had her study religious works, classics, fairy tales and novels. She was very religious. She had 3 suitors that she rejected due to religious conflicts. She wrote "Goblin Market and other poems which she received widespread critical praise, she also was a modeled for some of Dante Rossetti's paintings.
English naturalist and writer, best known as the originator of the theory of biological evolution by natural selection. published his theory with compelling evidence for evolution in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species, Darwinism" implied that because natural selection was apparently no longer working on "civilized" people, it was possible for "inferior" strains of people (who would normally be filtered out of the gene pool) to overwhelm the "superior"
Queen Victoria
was the monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. She reign is the longest in history. Her reign of 63 years and 7 months, which is longer than that of any other British monarch and the longest of any female monarch in history, is known as the Victorian era. It was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military change within the United Kingdom, and was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire. She was the last British monarch of the House of Hanover;
The Lady of Shalott
Originally written in 1832, this poem was later revised, and published in its final form in 1842. Tennyson claimed that he had based it on an old Italian romance. the poem's charm stems from its sense of mystery and elusiveness; The Lady, who weaves her magic web and sings her song in a remote tower, can be seen to represent the contemplative artist isolated from the bustle and activity of daily life
Tennyson reworks the figure of Ulysses by drawing on the ancient hero of Homer's Odyssey ("Ulysses" is the Roman form of the Greek "Odysseus" This poem is written as a dramatic monologue: the entire poem is spoken by a single character, whose identity is revealed by his own words. The lines are in blank verse, or unrhymed iambic pentameter, which serves to impart a fluid and natural quality to Ulysses's speech this poem also concerns the poet's own personal journey, for it was composed in the first few weeks after Tennyson learned of the death of his dear college friend Arthur Henry Hallam in 1833
The Kraken
The poem highlights tennyson\'s personal troubles by the conflict between religion and the growing scientific knowledge of that era. Tennyson was only 21 years old when he wrote "The Kraken", but he already
possessed the mastery of image and phrase that was to become his trademark.
Porphyria Lover
Porphyria's Lover" is Browning's first ever short dramatic monologue, and also the first of his poems to examine abnormal psychology. It is a short poem written in a straightforward language, interpretations have been many and various. Most readers, however, tend to focus on the insane persona and to define the poem as a portrait of abnormal psychology.

In the poem, a man strangles his lover - Porphyria - with her hair; "...and all her hair/In one long yellow string I wound/Three times her little throat around,/And strangled her." Porphyria's lover then talks of the corpse's blue eyes, golden hair, and describes the feeling of perfect happiness the murder gives him. Although he winds her hair around her throat 3 times in order to throttle her, the woman never cries out.
My Last Duchess
Written by Rober Browning, the poem is written in a dramatic monologue, The poem is set during the late Italian Renaissance. The speaker (Duke of Ferrara) is negotiating dowry for his prospective second wife he gives the "messanger" a tour of the artworks in his home. He draws a curtain to reveal a painting of a woman, explaining that it is a portrait of his late wife; he invites his guest to sit and look at the painting and basically tells him why the painting is covered and what his terms are for his next wife. He is portrays himself as a superior person and all should see that and be impressed by him.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
hey was great on describing the anxieties and asperations of his era. he expresses the energy, resolve, faith, and idealism of an industrious societies that was nonetheless racked by deep doubts about its materialism, the truth of the bible and the possibility of achieving a truly christian society. He was celebrated poet of the age, the queen and parliament name him poet laurete, then lord and finally Baron Tennyson. he wrote The Kraken and Mariana
Gerard manley Hopkins
was an English poet, Roman Catholic convert, and Jesuit priest, whose posthumous fame established him among the leading Victorian poets. Hopkins was deeply impressed with the work of Christina Rossetti and she became one of his greatest contemporary influences. During his last year his "muse" god stop speaking to him. He then was was unable to see things as before. He died within the year of this transition, he was depressed.