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Con mucho gusto
It will be a pleasure
De ninguna manera
No way
A mí me parece que
It seems to me that
Eso es el colmo
That is the last straw
No lo sueñes
Don't even think about it
Lo dudo
I doubt it
Parece mentira
It's hard to believe
Eso no vale
That's not fair
No puedo más
I can't stand it anymore
Que yo sepa
As far as I know
qué harías tú
What would you do
Te importa
Do you mind
Sería mejor
It would be better to
Te molesta que
Do you mind if
Mientras tanto
Neither, not...either
A mi parecer
In my opinion
Sobre todo
Above all
A pesar de (que)
Inspite of (the fact that)
De lo contrario
En cambio
On the other hand
Así que
So, therefor
En cuanto
As soon as
Sin embargo
Sino que
But rather
Para resumir
To summarize
No voy poder
I am not going to be able to
Ya tengo planes
I already have plans
No (me) importa
It doesn't matter (to me)
Por supuesto que sí
Agree, of course