Problems of Faith Semester 1 Final

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If God is merciful and forgiving how can he also be just?
- God has the power to hold us accountable for our actions an also chooses to not do so when we are clearly in the wrong
- God is seen to hold people accountable in a fair and equitable way based on their innocence or guilt and the level of innocence or guilt
- Could God then (careful with this time
ladened word here, as God is beyond time) grant us mercy and forgiveness, not allowing us to wallow in our very real assessment of our wrongs and hiding from God's loving embrace, but rather with mercy and forgiveness moving our relationship with God (and with those we have wronged) into a right and good relationship once again?
- God is JUST in that God forces us to confront the real nature of our choices and the results of these. We cannot hide from this ultimately, and God is purposeful in forcing us to realize this.
- God is MERCIFUL in that God does not allow us to remain in this state of being forever, even though our actions may have severed us from deep and loving relationships in life (and if just-ness were without mercy then we would remain broken off from loving relationships). God removes the merited punishment, in a sense.
- And God's FORGIVENESS rights the relationship(s) so that we do enjoy loving, fulfilling relationships once again (in paradise or heaven). In this way sinners and saints end up together at the table of fellowship and love (due to God's mercy and forgiveness), but all have a profound sense of the real harming nature of wrongful acts (due to God's just-ness), so much so that one would not chose those actions again.
-You don't need to look for your crosses
Some people desire a cross, they think that they don't have enough suffering and that this suffering will better them
Suffering comes when we least expect it and often it is worse than we can imagine, if it's our cross it's not supposed to be easy
Everyone suffers, even the sinless
- We are invited by God, as Jesus was, to pick up our crosses
This doesn't mean that we take it mindlessly and accept it as part of life
Suffering is real and we must accept that we suffer, everyone suffers, even Jesus suffered
Don't pass along/dump your suffering on other people, address it and seek help with it but don't take your pain out on others
Sharing your suffering is different than passing it on, don't make your cross someone else's
- When Jesus speaks about those who "lose their life," he is not talking only about physical death.
Sometimes other things in your life need to die so better things can happen
Called "dying to self"
Sometimes things are holding us back from being more loving, compassionate, mature, open to following God and those things need to die for us to truly be living
- Wait for the Resurrection
Jesus may not have necessarily known what was coming after his death, this makes his sacrifice even more amazing
When people meet God at the cross they can see things in a different way
- God's gift is often not what we expect
Your resurrection may come when you least expect it and it may not make sense to others
People are able to see their crosses as their resurrections
- Nothing is impossible with God
Even the disciples were unable to see beyond their fear and failed to see God
We are called to see the resurrection, that God does incredible things
1. A sense of being dead: in which a person knows he/she is dead.
2. Feelings of peace & painlessness: in which a person who should be in considerable
pain finds that he/she no longer feels his/her body.
3. An out-of-body experience: in which a person's spirit or essence floats above
his/her body & he/she is able to describe events that he/she shouldn't have been
able to see.
4. A tunnel experience: in which the "dead" person has the sensation that he/she is
traveling rapidly up a tunnel.
5. Seeing people of light: where dead relatives who seem to be composed of light
are often seen at the end of the tunnel.
6. Being greeted by a particular being of light: where the person is then in the
presence of a specific being of light who addresses him/her. At times this happens in a haze of incredible light, at others in a garden or forest.
7. Having a life review: in which the person is able to see his/her life (in a panoramic virtual reality type of experience) and evaluate all of its pleasant & unpleasant aspects.
8. Feeling a reluctance to return: where the person is told or knows that they must return to life but do not want to at all. They wish to stay w/ the being of light.
9. Having a personality transformation/paradigm shift: where the person is transformed as to how they view life. Most people say they cease to take things in nature and their families for granted anymore. Love of others becomes
primary, while material things and honors don't anymore.
NOTE: Some have gone farther that these 9 and talk of a City of Light that they wish to go on to, or going into buildings of glass/light where beings of light are at.