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Nick Carraway


Jay Gatsby

Mysterious and wealthy. Throws lavish parties.

Daisy Buchanan

Married to Tom Buchanan. Related to Nick.

Myrtle Wilson

Lives in the Valley of Ashes with her husband George. Having an affair with Tom Buchanan.

George Wilson

Owns a car shop in the Valley of Ashes. He's married to Myrtle and wants to buy a car from Tom Buchanan.

Jordan Baker

She is friends with Daisy and a professional golfer. She and Nick are "seeing each other".

East Egg

Old Money. This is where Daisy and Tom live. It is well-respected and made up of established families.

West Egg

This is where Gatsby and NIck live. It is a neighborhood for the newly rich and is not as established as East Egg.

Who is the rich man who lives across the bay from Daisy and Tom?

Jay Gatsby

Which two characters fought in the war?

Gatsby and Nick

He turned his garage into a stable.

Tom Buchanan

She is the first nice girl Gatsby ever met.


This character is often described as looking like she is trying to balance something on her chin.

Jordan Baker

What business is Nick learning?

The bond business

What famous sporting event did Meyer Wolfsheim fix?

The 1919 world series.

Meyer Wolfsheim's cufflinks are made from what?

Human molars

What does the green light across the bay represent to Gatsby?

The light is at the dock of Daisy's house. For Gatsby, seeing the light is proof she still exists, proof she is real. It is a symbol of his love for her and his determination they will be reunited.

What is the rumor about Jordan Baker's golf ethics?

There is a rumor that she cheated in a golf match.

What was Gatsby's original name?

James Gatz

What is the name of Gatsby's mentor?

Dan Cody

How did Gatsby's mentor make his money?

Mining. Specifically the Nevada copper mines.

How much money did Gatsby inherit from Cody? Did he get the money?

$25,000. No, he never got it.

Who ended up getting Cody's fortune?

Ella Kaye (a newspaper woman).

How long did Gatsby travel the world with Cody?

Five years

What sort of work did Gatsby do for Cody?

"he was employed in a vague personal capacity". "He was in turn steward, mate, skipper, secretary, and even jailor."

What college did Gatsby attend for two weeks?

St. Olaf in southern Minnesota.

How does Gatsby introduce Tom at the party?

He calls him "the polo player".

True or false? Gatsby fires his servants because he doesn't have enough money to pay them.

False. Gatsby fires his servants because he wants to hire new servants who won't gossip about Daisy coming over.

Who does Myrtle mistake for Tom's wife?

Jordan Baker

What color is Gatsby's car?

Yellow with a green leather interior.

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