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fascism (fascist)

militarily dominated government which controls all aspects of society


govermental leader who has absolute control


misleading information designed to sway ones opinion


withdrawing from world affairs


attempting to avoid conflict by making concessions and agreeing to part of the demands


"lightening war" a tactic used by the German military involving fast attacks


June 6, 1955 Allies land on the beaches in Normandy, France and go on the offensive to drive Hitlers forces back into Germany

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941 -Japan attacks US naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - this brings the US into WWII

Manhattan Project

the US research to make the atomic bomb


an Allied tactic where only certain islands were targeted for attack in the Pacific - these islands had strategic significance


towards the end of WWII Japanese pilots conducted suicide missions, crashing their planes into ships to sink them

veto power

the ability to stop any proposed UN action by voting no

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