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Italian architect, inventor of linear perspective


Father of Renaissance painting


First to demonstrate true linear perspective by painting The Trinity


Pioneered multiple vanishing point perspective

Leonardo da Vinci

Established atmospheric perspective; studied optics


Larger than life figures; painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel


Final master of the high Renaissance, 1520's


Stretched or distorted image


The rebirth of art, science and literature in Europe

Linear perspective

Where converging lines meet at a vanishing point; creates a feeling of vast space

Vanishing point

The place on the horizon at which things seem to disappear


The birthplace of the Renaissance during the 1440's


Stark & severe points of view in his paintings, especially in Lamentation of the Dead Christ

Reductive printmaking

Printing from a depressed surface; subtracting from the plate before printing another color


Small roller to apply ink


Smoothing the paper on the plate with a tool


The surface image that is inked for printing


Series of prints from the same plate


Creating an image by taking away from the surface of the material (subtractive method)

To pull a print

Removing the print starting at the corner


A floor covering material used for printmaking


Japanese woodblock printing; translation: "pictures of the floating world"

Hiroshige & Hokusai

Famous Japanese printmakers

Six aspects of Japanese prints

Stylized, dynamic compositions using unusual viewpoints, flat & bright colors and expressive lines


The art of creating multiples of images from a treated surface

Elements of Art

The basic building blocks of every artwork

Principles of Design

The tools for arranging the Elements of Art to achieve an effective work of art


A 20th century art form that appears real, yet dream-like or irrational

Stop motion animation

objects are photographed frame-by-frame & altered slightly between each frame

Persistence of vision

split second images stored by the brain - creates an illusion of continuous motion when sequences of different images are viewed at speed

Frame (video)

a single image/picture within a sequence of images that is part of an animation/movie


a series of sketches showing plot, action, characters, and setting of a movie; made before filming begins

Tim Burton

writer, director, and concept artist; known for his stop motion animated films

Concept artist

an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that does not yet exist


rigid, often wire, framework or skeleton for sculpture

Film set

the scenery and props as arranged for shooting a film


set of actions or dialogue that take place in one location and at one time in a movie or story


An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.


The plan/placement/arrangement of the elements of art in artwork


Identifying the artwork's beauty/taste/function

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