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  1. Gravity filtration is used for when the desired product is in solution (usually hot) where as vacuum filtration has the desired product being a solid.
  2. container that can be sealed from the atmosphere and holds a drying agent
  3. mixture of compounds to be separated is introduced onto the column that is packed with a stationary solid. The solid is continuously washed by a flow of solvent (mobile) passing through the column. The continuous flow of solvent throught the column and the interaction b/w the solid compounds in the mixture, separates the mixture as it passes down the colum.
  4. The separation of the components in a liquid mixture into fractions which differ in boiling point (and hence chemical composition) by means of distillation, typically using a fractionating column.

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  1. Gas ChromatographyAn analytical technique which separates mixtures based on their distribution between a stationary liquid phase and a moving gas phase.


  2. Vacuum Filtrationa process in which an applied vacuum draws a solution through filter paper held in a Buchner funnel.


  3. RecrystallizationSeparation technique used to purify particles of interest from a mixture of solids. Mixture is dissolved in saturating amounts in warm solvent. As the solution cools, the pure substance crystallizes while impurities remain in solution.


  4. Thin layer ChromatographyA technique that uses a solid stationary phase and a moving liquid phase to separate the components of a mixture.