Woody Allen: Count Dracula

sleeping in his coffin
a box in which a dead body is buried or cremanted
exposure to the sun's rays would surely cause him to perish
to die, especially in a sudden violent way
through some miraculous instinct
vmilyen csodálatos ösztönből fakadóan
a very cruel or unpleasant person
assuming the form of a bat
to begin to have a particular quality or appearance
prowls the countryside
to move quietly and carefully around the countryside, especially when hunting
Now he starts to stir.
to move slightly
the fluttering of his eyelids
to move lightly and quickly; to make sth move this way
as the cycle begins anew
they do it again from the beginning or do it in a different way
inverness cape
ujjatlan nagygalléros köpeny
uncanny perception
strange and difficult to explain
containing a lot of juice and tasting good
whose trust he has carefully cultivated
to try to get sb's friendship and support
charmingly concealing
rapacious goal
wanting more money or goods than you need or have a right to
done quickly and with a lot of activity, but in a way that is not well organized
to fumble
to use your hands in an awkward way when you are doing sth or looking for sth
to buzz off
used to tell sb rudely to go away
(or telling this about themselves)
to chime in
to interrupt or join a conversation
says the wife affably
says the wife pleasantly and friendly
I am all choked up.
to find it dufficult to speak, because of the strong emotion that you are feeling
We're already helpless with laughter.
this is so funny we cannot stop laughing
muffled voice
voice that is not heard clearly because is sth in the way that stops the sound from travelling easily
(tompa hang)
decided to pay a call on sb
a short visit to sb's house
said apologetically
feeling or showing that you are sorry for doing sth wrong or for causing a problem
mock good humour
not sincere humour
to shrug
to raise your shoulders and then drop them to shrow that you do not know or care about sth
the daylight streams in
the daylight moves out in a continuous flow
causing the evil monster to shriek
to give a loud high shout, for instance when you're excited, frightened or in pain