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Reflexive Verbs

Spanish I Semester II Review
Me acuesto
I go to bed
Te acuestas
You go to bed
Se acuesta
He/she/usted goes to be
Nos acostamos
We go to bed
Os acostáis
Ya'll go to bed
Se acuestan
They/ustedes go to bed
Me afeito
I shave myself
Te afeitas
You shave yourself
Se afeita
He/she/usted shaves themselves
Nos afeitamos
We shave ourselves
Os afeitáis
Ya'll shave yourselves
Se afeitan
They/ustedes shave themselves
Me baño
I bathe myself
Te bañas
You bathe yourself
Se baña
He/she/usted bathes themselves
Nos bañamos
We bathe ourselves
Os bañáis
Ya'll bathe yourselves
Se bañan
They/ustedes bathe themselves
Me despierto
I wake up
Te despiertas
You wake up
Se despierta
He/she/usted wakes up
Nos despertamos
We wake up
Os despertáis
Ya'll wake up
Se despiertan
They/ustedes wake up
Me duermo
I fall asleep
Te duermes
You fall asleep
Se duerme
He/she/usted falls asleep
Nos dormimos
We fall asleep
Os dormimos
Ya'll fall asleep
Se duermen
They/ustedes fall asleep
Me ducho
I shower myself
Te duchas
You shower yourself
Se ducha
He/she/usted showers themselves
Nos duchamos
We shower ourselves
Os ducháis
Ya'll shower yourselves
Se duchan
They/ustedes shower yourselves
Me lavo
I wash myself
Te lavas
you wash yourself
Se lava
he/she/usted washes themselves
Nos lavamos
we wash ourselves
Os laváis
ya'll wash yourselves
Se lavan
they/ustedes was themselves
Me levanto
I get up
Te levantas
you get up
Se levanta
he/she/usted gets up
Nos levantamos
we get up
Os levantáis
ya'll get up
Se levantan
they/ustedes get up
Me maquillo
I put makeup on myself
Te maquillas
You put makeup on yourself
Se maquilla
He/she/usted puts makeup on themselves
Nos maquillamos
We put makeup on ourselves
Os maquilláis
Ya'll put makeup on yourselves
Se maquillan
They/ustedes put makeup on themselves
Me peino
I comb myself
Te peinas
You comb yourself
Se peina
He/she/usted combs themselves
Nos peinamos
We comb ourselves
Os peináis
Ya'll combe yourselves
Se peinan
They/ustedes comb themselves
Me pongo
I put on myself
Te pones
You put on yourself
Se pone
He/she/usted puts on themselves
Nos ponemos
We put on ourselves
Os ponéis
Ya'll put on yourselves
Se ponen
They/ustedes put on themselves
Me seco
I dry myself
Te secas
You dry yourself
Se seca
He/she/usted dries themselves
Nos secamos
We dry ourselves
Os secáis
Ya'll dry yourselves
Se secan
They/ustedes dry themselves
Me voy
I leave
Te vas
You leave
Se va
He/she/usted leaves
Nos vamos
We leave
Os vais
Ya'll leave
Se van
They/ustedes leave