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Respiratory System

Straight from my Grade 11 Bio Notes.
The respiratory system works closely with the ____ system, exchanging gases between air and blood.
oxygen, carbon dioxide
Homeostatic roles of the respiratory system are to regulate blood pH and blood ____ and ____ ____ levels.
Breathing (____) - when air gets into and out of the lungs
____ Respiration - exchange of gases between lungs and blood. Occurs within the lungs.
____ Respiration - exchange of gases between blood and body cells. Occurs at capillaries of the body.
____ Respiration - process that take place in the cells of organisms to convert energy from food into usable energy for the body.
nasal cavity
Air is warmed, moistened, and filtered as it is inhaled through the nostrils into the ____ ____.
The ____ is the passageway for air that leads to the trachea; shared with digestive system
The ____ is the voice box where vocal chords are located.
The ____ acts as a lid or flap that covers the larynx and trachea (airway) so that food does not enter the lungs.
The ____ is the windpipe or airway.
Smooth muscle with C-shaped ____ rings keep the trachea from collapsing.
The trachea is lined with fine hairs called ____.
The ____ blocks the passage into the nasal cavity when swallowing.
____ - plays a role in articulation; assists with speech
passageway, smell, filter, warm
The upper respiratory tract functions as a ____ for respiration, as receptors for ____, to ____ larger foreign material, to moisten and ____ incoming air, and to resonate chambers for voice.
The ____ are two branches at the end of the trachea, each leading to a lung.
bronchioles, branches
The ____ are a network of smaller ____ leading from the bronchi into the lung tissue and ultimately to air sacs.
alveoli, respiratory surface
The ____ are air sacs known as the "____ ____".
1, pulmonary, Gas
The alveolar wall membranes are _ cell thick and are surrounded by ____ capillaries. ____ exchange takes place here.
Gaseous exchange is the ____ of the oxygen and carbon dioxide that takes place in the alveoli part of the lungs.
Oxygen is bound to the pigment ____ in red blood cells or is dissolved in blood plasma.
plasma, bicarbonate
Carbon dioxide is dissolved in blood ____, bound to hemoglobin, or is found in the form of plasma ____.
The ____ are spongy, air-filled organs located on either side of the chest thorax.