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O: zygomatic arch and maxilla
I: angle and ramus of mandible


O: temporal fossa
I: coronoid process of mandible


O: lower margin of mandible; mastoid process of temporal bone
I: hyoid bone


O: styloid process of temporal bone
I: hyoid bone


O: medial surface of mandible
I: hyoid bone


O: manubrium, medial end of clavicle
I: lower margin of hyoid bone


O: posterior surface of manubrium
I: thyroid cartilage


O: thyroid cartilage
I: hyoid bone

pharyngeal constrictor muscles

O: mandible; sphenoid; hyoid
I: posterior pharynx


O: manubrium; medial clavicle
I: mastoid process of temporal bone; superior nunchal line of occipital bone


O: occipital bone; ligamentum nunchae; spines of C7-T12
I: acromion, spine of scapula; lateral 1/3 of clavicle

levator scapulae ventralis

O: transverse processes C1-C4
I: medial border of scapula


O: acromion, spine of scapula; lateral 1/3 of clavicle
I: deltoid tuberosity of humerus

triceps brachii, long head

O: infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
I: olecranon process of ulna

triceps brachii, lateral head

O: posterior shaft of humerus
I: olecranon process of ulna

extensor digitorum

O: common extensor tendon
I: distal phalanges 2-5

extensor carpi ulnaris

O: common extensor tendon
I: base of medial # metacarpal

medial pterygoid

O: pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone
I: medial surface of mandible near angle

lateral pterygoid

O: pterygoid porcess of the sphenoid bone
I: mandibular condyle


O: maxilla and mandible
I: orbicularis oris


O: internal surface of mandibular symphysis
I: inferior tongue; body of hyoid


O: hyoid bone
I: inferolateral tongue


O: styloid process of the temporal bone
I: inferolateral tongue


O: mandibular symphysis
I: hyoid bone

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