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Five Power Treaty (1922)

helped keep peace and prevent World War II

Nine Power Pact

promised that no countries will take land from China

Kellogg Briand Pact

made war illegal throughout several countries

Manchuria (China)

Railroads built in this Chinese Province, Japanese people killed by explosion of railroad. Blame was put on China but it was a false flag. League of Nations claims that Japan was actually the blame

Invasion of Ethiopia

when the League of Nations applied Fines on Italy for this event; Other nations refused to intervein

Francisco Franco

used 'double agents' to win war called the "5th column"; Leader of the Falange Party


Country where in the 1920's nazis formed and were forced into government cabinets in 1938


demanded independence after annexation of Austria


Neville Chamberlain (great britain) Edouard Daladier (french) and Mussolini met with Hitler about Czech crisis
Also talked about Sudetenland Annexation


staged attack by germans to dress as Poles and 'invade' Germany so German troops could counter attack


Phone war on war Front. "sitting war" where France and Britain waited around for Germany to fire first


A successful evacuation of British and French troops from German

Charles DeGaulle

leader of the Evacuation of Dunkirk

Phillipe Petain

Dictator of Vichy France

Great Britain

Last free country in Europe durin WWII


"lightning war" , lightning war; quick and brutal attacks on troops tanks and airpower

Erwin Nowel

"The Desert Fox"


Opened 2nd front and relieved Pressure on Soviet Union

Atlantic Charter

meeting between Churchill & Roosevelt aboard warships near Newfoundland and expressed war aims of democracies

Neutrality Acts

United States decides to stay neutral and prohibited loans to belligerents and American visits to war zones

Loosened Neutrality acts

U.S decides to to allow sale of munitions on cash and carry basis

Lend-Lease Act

Allowed supplies sent to Great Britain on credit but only with approval of president

Final Solution

'The Final Solution for the Jewish Question' was the cover name for Hitler's plan to destroy all the Jews in Europe, It began in December 1941

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