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U.S Constitution Test

A system of government where sovereighnty is divided
Three branches of government
Legislative, Executive,Judicial
Two functions of the U.S government
Establish Justice, Insure domestic tranquility
The two houses of congress
Senate,House of Representives
Function of the Legislative Branch of Govenment
Make Laws
Elected chairman or leader of the HR
Speaker of the House
Branch of Government article two covers
Minimum age requirement for the President
The length of The President's term in office
4 years
Two constitutional functions of the Vice President
To be President of the Senate, To replace the President if he dies, resigns, or is impeached
The Formula for determining a states electoral votes
The Minimum number of electoral votes a state may be assigned
The 55 men who drafted The Constitution
Founding Fathers
The most inportant power given to The President
Commander in chief of the military
What are grounds for impeachment
Treason, Bribery, Other high crimes
Branch of Government article three covers
Duties of the Vice President
To be President of the Senate, To replace the President if dies,resigns,or is impeached
Montesquieu's separation of powers" theory
Checks and Balances
The branch of government overseeing the terrirories
Legislative branch
Double jeopardy & Self incrimination
Being tried for a crime twice and , testifying against oneself
Rights Protected by the first amendment
Religious Freedom, Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, Freedom of assembly
Enumerated Powers of congress
Laying and collecting taxes, Raising and supporting the army, Declaring war
Articles of Confederation
a written agreement ratified in 1781 by the thirteen original states
The theory that the constitution does not "give" rights
Constitutionally protected rights"
James Madison's Role
Being the main author of the constitution
Significance of the Northwest Ordinance
It was a more efficient method of adding states
"Full Faith and Credit" clause
States must recognize the legal actions of other states