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  1. beneath the dermis
  2. outermost epidermis
  3. sebum
  4. melanocyte
  5. nail
  1. a oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
  2. b a cell found in the basal layer that gives color to the skin
  3. c outgrowth of the skin attached to the distal end of each finger and toe, composed of keratin
  4. d subcutaneous tissue
  5. e squamous layer

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  1. basal layer
  2. epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue
  3. largest organ in the body
  4. dermis
  5. protein substance found in skin and connective tissue (koila = glue; gen = producing)

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  1. epidermisdense, fibrous connective tissue layer of the skin (also known as the corium)


  2. sebaceous glandsoil glands in the skin


  3. subcutaneous tissueloose connective tissue, adipose (fatty) tissue, shock absorber and insulator


  4. subcutaneous layerconnective and adipose tissue layer just under the dermis


  5. hairoutgrowth of the skin composed of keratin


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