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  1. squamous cell layer
  2. outer layer
  4. inner layer
  5. sebum
  1. a dermis
  2. b flat, scale-like eptihelial cells comprising of the outermost layers of the epidermis
  3. c oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands
  4. d largest organ in the body
  5. e epidermis

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  1. subcutaneous tissue
  2. thin, cellular outer layer of the skin
  3. waterproof, stretchable, washable & permanent press, invisibly repairs small cuts, rips, and burns, guaranteed to last a lifetime iven reasonable care
  4. loose connective tissue, adipose (fatty) tissue, shock absorber and insulator
  5. dark brown to black pigment contained in melanocytes

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  1. hairoutgrowth of the skin composed of keratin


  2. Name all layers of skindeepest region of the epidermis


  3. epitheliumthin, cellular outer layer of the skin


  4. innermost/deepest epidermisbasal layer


  5. sudoriferous glandsoil glands in the skin


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