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Verbs like gustar - know them and how to use them for the quiz on Tuesday the 22nd.

agradarle a uno

to like something, to find something pleasing

caerle bien a uno

to like a person

caerle mal a uno

to not like a person

convenirle a uno

to suit someone, to be good for someone

desagradarle a uno

to dislike something, to find something unpleasant

disgustarle a uno

to dislike something, to find something unpleasant

encantarle a uno

to love something

entusiasmarle a uno

to be excited about something

faltarle a uno

to be missing something, to not have something, to be short of money

fascinarle a uno

to be fascinated by something

hacerle falta a uno

to need something, to be missing something, to miss something

importarle a uno

to care about something, to mind, to matter

interesarle a uno

to be interested in something

quedarle a uno

to have something left

sobrarle a uno

to have more than enough of something, to have something left over

tocarle a uno

to be someone's turn

urgirle a uno

to be urgent for someone to do something

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