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VisibilityThe distance one can see through the air.ThermometerMeasures temperature in degrees Celsius.BarometerMeasures air pressure in millibars.HygrometerMeasures humidity in percentage.AnemometerMeasures wind speed in kilometers per hour.Wind vaneMeasures wind directions in compass directionCompressedAir is forced into a smaller space.PressurePush of air.MassThe amount of matter in an object.WeightPull or force between the earth's gravity and the matter in an object.AirInvisible mixture of gases.AtmosphereThe layer of air surrounding the Earth.TroposphereLowest layer, weather clouds, planes fly, animals live here.Stratosphere2nd layer, ozone is here.Ozone layerPart of the stratosphere that obsorbs harmful ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage.Mesosphere3rd layer up, coldest meteors burns up in this layer.Thermosphere4th layer up, very thin air, particles are very far apartExosphereFurthest layer up, thick, little air, between atmosphere and outer space.