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  1. Red blood cells live for how long?
  2. What is the primary function of the heart?
  3. What are capillaries?
  4. The heart is surrouned by a serous sac reinforced by dense connective tissue called the ?
  5. Death and destruction of blood cells last how long?
  1. a Pericardium
  2. b Pump blood throughout the entire body.
  3. c A few days to a couple of months.
  4. d Where all of the important exchanges happen in the circulatory system. They are a single cell to aid fast and easy diffusion of gases.
  5. e 120 days about.

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  1. Its oxygen carrying component of red blood gives the cells their red color. It helps transport oxygen as well as carbon dioxide. It is also a buffer, preventing rapid changes in the blood pH.
  2. The Cardiovascular System.
  3. True.
  4. prevents the heart from expanding too much, it hold the heart in position and encloses fluid.
  5. True!

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  1. What is the function of the circulatory system?The HEART. Its primary function is to pump blood throughout the body; it keeps the blood circulating.


  2. What are arteries?"Faucet" regulates blood pressure; delivers blood to the capillaries.


  3. Platelets, also called thrombocytes are the smallest of the cells in the blood. What is their function?Red blood cells (they have no nucleus; cannot reproduce)


  4. What are veins?Small veins; blood vessel that drain blood directly from the capillary bed.


  5. What is Heparin?The clotting mechanism.