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  1. The circulatory system is commonly known as what?
  2. What are capillaries?
  3. What are arteries?
  4. Systole (contraction) and Diastole (relaxation) are all part of the ___________?
  5. What is blood?
  1. a Large vessels; elastic muscles to carry on power of the heart. They are the higher-pressure portion of the circulatory system. (blood away from the heart toward the tissue).
  2. b Cardiac cycle.
  3. c Liquid connective tissue that transports oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
  4. d Where all of the important exchanges happen in the circulatory system. They are a single cell to aid fast and easy diffusion of gases.
  5. e The Cardiovascular System.

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  1. By the coronary arteries.
  2. The clotting mechanism.
  3. Defense against infection. They have a nucleus and live hours to days at a time.
  4. carbon dioxide, urea acid, ketone from fat
  5. True!

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  1. Two mechanisms that regulate the circulatory system are?Neural and Endocrine


  2. Blood contributes 8% of the body weight. True or FalseTrue!


  3. What are arteriolles?"Faucet" regulates blood pressure; delivers blood to the capillaries.


  4. What is Heparin?Its an anti-clotting mechanism.


  5. There are 5 types of blood vessels. Name them.1- Largest is arteries
    2- Arterioles (smallest artery)
    3-Capillaries (from the arterioles)
    4- Venules (capillaries join to form venules) which begin the process of returning blood to the heard.
    5- Veins (venules join to form veins), the larger blood vessels which complete the return of blood from capillaries to the heart.