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  1. Name the three types of metabolic waste?
  2. Which are there more of, red blood cells or white blood cells?
  3. What are venules?
  4. The human heart has 4 chambers, name them.
  5. What is the anatomy of the "circulatory system"?
  1. a right atrium- it fills the right ventricle with blood.
    right ventricle - pumps to lungs
    left atrium - it fills the right ventricle
    left ventricle - pumps blood to systemic circulation.
  2. b Small veins; blood vessel that drain blood directly from the capillary bed.
  3. c carbon dioxide, urea acid, ketone from fat
  4. d The HEART. Its primary function is to pump blood throughout the body; it keeps the blood circulating.
  5. e Red blood cells (they have no nucleus; cannot reproduce)

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  1. True.
  2. In the bone marrow, according to the needs of the body.
  3. prevents the heart from expanding too much, it hold the heart in position and encloses fluid.
  4. To prevent blood loss; important in clot formation.
  5. Defense against infection. They have a nucleus and live hours to days at a time.

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  1. What is Fibrin?The clotting mechanism.


  2. What are veins?Function is to return deoxygenated blood to the heart; high amount of smooth muscle in walls.


  3. Name the 5 types of white blood cells.carbon dioxide, urea acid, ketone from fat


  4. We have more veins than we do have arteries, true or false?It rests on the diaphragm, wedged between the lungs in the mediastinum of the thorax (mediastinum is the part of the thoracic cavity located between the lungs).


  5. Why is aspirin given to individuals who have had a stroke or heart attack?Because aspirin, given in small doses, inhibits some of the platelet functions, like clotting formation.