19 terms

LOTF Chapter 7-12 Vocab

n. covert
A thicket; thick underbrush affording cover for game
adj. impervious
Incapable of being penetrated or affected
adj. crestfallen
Dispirited; discouraged
v. glower
v. To look at or stare at angrily or sullenly
v. rebuke
To criticize sharply
n. fervor
Great intensity of emotion; the state of being emotionally aroused
n. buffet
A blow, as with the hand or fist
adj. corpulent
Large or bulky of body; excessively fat
v. saunter
To walk at a leisurely pace; stroll
v. gesticulate
To make or use gestures, especially in an excited manner
n. loathing
Strong dislike or disgust
adj. torrid
Oppressively hot, parching, or burning
adj. luminous
Emitting light; full of light
adj. weary
On guard; watchful; characterized by caution
n. talisman
An object with magical power
adj. acrid
Unpleasantly sharp or bitter to the taste or smell
n. ululation
A long, loud, emotional utterance; a howl
adj. inimical
Unfriendly, hostile
n. crepitation
A cracking sound