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World War 2 Flash Cards

Spanish Civil War
Civil War started in 1936 when the old order forced the king to leave Spain.
General Francisoco Franco
The leader of the revolt in 1936 that started the Spanish Civil War.
The first area invaded by Germany with no military resistance.
The union of Germany and Austria
The policy of giving in to an aggressor's demands in order to keep the peace.
A region of western Czechoslovakia.
"Peace For Our Time"
Stated by Neville Chamberlain.
Neville Chamberlain
The British Prime Minister.
Nazi-Soviet Pact
The pact made between the soviets and the nazis stating that they were at peaceful relations.
Lightning War
The Phony War. Connection
Miracle of Dunkirk
1940 battle where 300,000 allied troops were ferried back to England by a small armada of ships.
Viche France
The capital of France while under Nazi control.
The "Desert Fox"
The nickname for commander Erwin Rommel during the Africa campain.
The Battle of Britain
Gemany attacks Britian in 1940 and the Luftwaffe and the Royal air force battle for air superiority. Germany fails to take Britian.
The "Blitz"
German bombers atttacking major cities instead of military bases and airfields.
Winston Churchill
British Prime Minister that replaces Neville Chamberlain.
Technology that allowed troops to "see" the locations of enemy and friendly planes.
Technology that allowed troops to "see" the locations of enemy and friendly submarines.
Operation Barbarossa
The German plan to invade the Soviet Union.
Siege of Leningrad
A two and a half year siege in which Hitler was equally determined to take Leningrad as Stalin was to defend it.
The Arsenal of Democracy
The army, navy, and air forces fighting communism and Hitler.
Atlantic Charter
The agreement that the United States would help defeat Germany and Japan.
Oil Embargo
The need of oil.
Pearl Harbor
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the US navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
The "Final Solution"
Hitler's plan of getting ride of all European Jews.
Death Camps
Locations in Nazi Germany where Jews were sent to be killed.
People who helped round up Jews.
The co-prosperity sphere
The area not included in war and is completely isolated.
The Big Three
The USA, the Soviet Union, and Great Britian.
El Alamein
Location where the "Desert Fox" was stopped.
The Homefront
Fighting on your own land.
Stalin's namestake city.
Allied invasion of the beaches of Normandy.
Taking one island at a time on the way to Japan.
The Battle of Midway
First naval battle where enemy ships didn't see each other.
V-E Day
Victory in Europe Day
Japanese pilots who purposefully crash their planes into enemy ships. Means divine wind.
The first site that an atomic bomb was dropped on.
The second site that an atomic bomb was dropped on.
V-J Day
Victory in Japan Day
The extermination of all European Jews
The location of a series of trials following the World War 2.
The United Nations
A new world peace corps.
"Iron Curtain"
The Berlin Wall
The "Cold War"
A state of tension and hostility between nations aligned with the United States on one side and the Soviet Union on the other.
Truman Doctrine
The idea of containing communism to Soviet controlled areas.
Limiting communism to the area already under Soviet control.
The Marshall Plan
A massive aid package.
The Berlin Airlift
A series of airlifts to help hostages trapped in Berlin by Stalin.
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
"Arms Race"
Race to build as many weapons as possible.