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John Proctor - In Depth Character Revision ('The Crucible')

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Yes, it's yet another quote conveying that Proctor really does love Elizabeth despite everything else going on. It's similar to card 8 in that he is getting defensive of her. The line 'that goodness will not die for me' shows him distancing himself from 'goodness' by implying that he is something less worthy This is important because it is the point at which he realises that the sins he needs to atone for have terrible consequences and at which he prioritises Elizabeth over himself which has it's own consequences later on.

Mary's part has been left in because it shows how this whole problem arose to be in the first place and why people are so paranoid. You see, it's evident that Mary has been threatened, that the ringleader Abigail and her group are forcing her to act like she knows of the Devil and to go along with their plan. We also know that Abigail and the rest of the girls stand to gain a lot from lying about the Devil so presumably others in similar situations across the country do too. While it was people of religion that started the witch hunts, it's people like Abigail that perpetuated the fear of the Devil to the point that everyone is suspicious of their own neighbour. Notwithstanding of whether or not the Devil actually exists (I'll leave that up to your discretion), it's never once shown within the context of the play. This means that Abigail and those like her managed to scare people enough of something that isn't even there, that they were driven to killing each other. And to think all that they did was scream a bit and fall on the floor. It's like a perverse mixture of teenage social hierarchy power plays and Chinese whispers, the young girls are all jostling for status and everyone else is believing what they think they know. It's quite scary the lengths that Abigail went to really given how many people across America died, after all she was smart enough to know her part in this.