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  1. how to create a magnet
  2. Hans Christian Oersted
  3. electromagnet
  4. Earth's core
  5. electromagnetic induction
  1. a a solenoid with a iron core...strong magnetic field
  2. b rub a magnet against the iron, nickel, or cobalt to line up the atoms into organized domains....get the atoms to line up
  3. c creating electrical current by moving a magnetic field past a coil of wires
  4. d the area of the earth with moving iron that creates our magnetic field...not every planet has this
  5. e (1820) discovered that moving charges (electricity) can create magnetic fields

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  1. a very small building blocks of matter
  2. interaction of electricity and magnetism
  3. a coil of wire with an electric current running through it...creates a magnetic field
  4. changes mechanical energy (work of machines) to electrical energy
  5. wind - water - geothermal - nuclear ----- all of them turn to generate electricity by passing magnets by wires to move electrons

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  1. magnetmaterial that attracts iron


  2. types of magnetsferromagnets, electromagnets, permanent, temporary


  3. how to "mess up" a magnetstore it with other magnets in a disorderly way - extreme heat - dropping it - hitting it


  4. north geographic pole ("top" of the Earth)store it with other magnets in a disorderly way - extreme heat - dropping it - hitting it


  5. magnetic polethe force of attraction or repulsion created by moving or spinning electric charges