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Was slow to begin, like the Dutch it was a private effort, driven more by secular than religious motives, and eventually would be aided when England became #1 power

How were English colonization approaches similar and different?


This concept said colonies should serve as sources of cheap raw materials and markets for the mother country's manufactured goods. A system designed to seek favorable trade balance by major government interference in the economy.

Columbian Exchange

In this process, Europeans introduced livestock like horses to the Americas, along with deadly diseases like smallpox, while the Americas introduced potato, corn, tobacco, beans, and peas to Europeans

It was much less than on the Americas

Describe Europeans' impact on Africa and Asia.


the cruel labor system that made native Americans toil for Spanish rulers

It reduced their populations by 80-90%

What impact did disease have on Amerindians?

Phrases in the Bible, Arab trader prejudice (later reinforced by the fact that European slave trade became a big business)

What were the origins of racism against blacks?

de las Casas

he was a Sanish priest whose report showed the terrible mistreatment of Indians

It ended Indian enslavement but then the Spanish began to enslave Africans instead

What was de las Casas' report's impact?

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