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Where does sperm mature?


The delivery is divided into stages. what stage would the baby be delivered in?

2nd stage also known as expulsion stage

In utero the fetus is nourished by the what?


Of the hormones necessary for mensturation, which comes from the ovary?


How many chromosomes will you find in a successfully fertilized egg?

23 pairs

The release of a mature egg from the ovary is called?


Menstruation is the term given for the actual shedding of the what?


What are the primary genatalia in a male?


The glands that are responsible for the production of milk?

Mammary glands

The outer layer if the uterus is called?


What is an example of primary genatalia in a female?


In a human life cycle the fertilizes egg is called a?


Which pair of chromosomes would result in the birth of a male?


Which horomone is responsible for stimulating immature ovarian follicles start growing?


The phase of the menstural cycle that directly proceeds ovulation is called?

Proliferative phase

The lower part of the uterus is called the?


The part of the uterus that lies above the point that the uterine tube attach are called?


The smooth muscle layer of the uterus is called?


After ovulation the ruptured follicle is transformed into the hormone secreting structure called the?

Corpus Luteum

The gonads include what?

Testes and ovaries

The coiled tube that is comma shaped and lies ontop of the testes?


The reproductive cells are called what?

Gamets, ova, and sperm

The female will have all the eggs they will ever need by what age?

5 months before birth

The movement of semen out of the penis is called what?


Prior to puberty testosterone does what?

Inhibits it/ stops it

Failure of the testes to descend into the scrotal sac is called?


The absence of normal menstruation is called?


The abnormal collection a fluid within the testes is what?


The blood test for prostate cancer is?

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)

This disorder increases with age and is relatively common with 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 having some degree of this disorder?

Erectile disfuction

A baby born before 37 weeks is


A procedure in which the amniotic sac is punctured and fluid is withdrawn is known as?


In animals females produce eggs and males produce?


What stimulates ovulation?

LH (Lutenizing Hormone)

Another name for ovi duct is?

Fallopian tube

This gland surrounds the urethra?

Prostate gland

What is the most important male hormone?


The _____ is posterior to the bladder in males?

Seminal vesicles

What is a mixer of sperm, sugar, water and electrolytes?


The final stage of labor is called?

Placental stage

The female gonads are called the?


The fertilized egg is called the?


When menstrual disorder is less than the females quality of life they may be diagnosed with?

Premenstrual Syndrome

Treatment of erectile disfunction depends on the?


Vaginitis is inflammation of the vagina usually caused by the microorganisms such as bacteria or?


Following the birth, the baby is often fed by breast milk. One of the complications is what?


When cells make identical copies of themselves without the involvement of another cell the process is called?

asexual reproduction

The external female genitalia are known as the?


What is painful menstruation?


What cancer is the most common malignancy among women and is the leading cause of death?

Breast cancer

What is the condition when the placenta separates from the uterus?


What pregnancy is also known as tubal pregnancy?

Eptopic pregnancy

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