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EMPLOYEE RIGHTS practice questions

What type of discrimination occurs when an employer intentionally discriminates against an employee who is a member of a protected class.
disparate-treatment discrimination.
What types of remedies are available for employment discrimination?
reinstatement, compensatory damages, back pay.
For an employer who hires and fires workers, a good defense to an employment discrimination suit is
seniority system or bona fide occupational qualification.
Personnel Staffing Corporation meets all of the requirements to be subject to the federal employment discrimination laws. The most important federal statute prohibiting discrimination against members of protected classes is
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Lee is seventy years old and Mira is gay. Based on this information, members of protected classes include
Lee only
Olly applies for a job with Petro Company. Petro does not hire Olly because of his ethnicity, or national origin. This is
disparate-treatment discrimination.
United Industrial Corporation gives preferential treatment in hiring and promotion to the members of all protected classes. This treatment results in discrimination against members of the majority. This is
reverse discrimination.
Gail is an employee of Home Appliances, Inc., but is unable to perform her job because of her pregnancy. Gail is
entitled to disability leave only if Home treats other temporarily disabled employees similarly.
Research Statistics Corporation uses a merit system to pay its employees according to their job performance. Suki, a female, and Troy, a male, are Research employees with comparable jobs. Due to superior performance, Suki is paid more than Troy. This is
not discrimination.
Lloyd and Milly are employees of NuTech Corporation. They have the same job. Under the Equal Pay Act, NuTech can legitimately pay Lloyd more than Milly on the basis of
Lloyd's greater production or seniority.
Greta is the only female employee in the maintenance department of Hydraulics Inc. Greta's supervisor and co-workers tease and play tricks on her so relentlessly that she feels compelled to quit. This is
a constructive discharge on the basis of gender discrimination.
Mold & Dye Corporation is a private employer involved in a Title VII employment discrimination suit. Punitive damages may be recovered against Mold & Dye only if the employer
acted with malice or reckless indifference.
Svetlana, a fifty-five-year-old member of a racial minority with a disability, believes that she is a victim of employment discrimination. Potentially the most widespread form of discrimination is based on
Lita replaces Manny in his job at Neighborly Business Corporation ("NBC") with a thirty year old female. Manny believes that he has been discriminated against on the basis of his age. For the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 to apply
Manny must be forty years of age or older.
Myron is an employee of Nero. Either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time for any reason without liability. With respect to the employment-at-will doctrine, this is
an example of the doctrine.
Fresh Food Packaging Company employs workers, including Gregor who has a written employment contract with Fresh Foods, at six locations in two states. Fresh Food's discharge of Gregor outside the terms of the employment contract may result in
Fresh Food's liability for damages.
Eduardo is an employee of Free-Flo Plumbing Corporation. With respect to the workplace, under federal health and safety statutes, Free-Flo has
a general duty to keep it safe and to meet specific standards.