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You need to know the 7 Cultural Characteristics,subtopics for each, and important terms like culture, cultural characteristics and why we study them. Happy Studying!


signs/symbols - alphabet - words - expressions - pronunciations


government & laws - family - education - places of worship - ethnic groups


dance - literature - art - music - theater - folktales - crafts


games - arts - toys - media - holidays - celebrations - sports


morals/values - customs & traditions - religions - ethnicity - religious holidays


currency - business - jobs & services - goods/products - food - shelter/clothing - communication/technology - transportation - tools & supplies


geology - geography - habitat - wildlife - climate - resources


a learned way of living that is shared by a group of people

Cultural Characteristics

factors found in every culture


a group of people who have things in common that relate to their life

Why study the Cultural Characteristics?

It is a way to talk about and compare cultures. A way to learn about different cultures.

What are cultural characteristics?

factors or behaviors that exist in various forms in all societies

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