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This is to memorize educational quotes and to review educational theories and subjects.

John Watson



Stimulus, Response, Reinforcement

B.F. Skinner

Operant Conditioning


Classical Conditioning

Positive reinorcement

Increases the probability of the same response occurring again.


Administering a painful or unpleasant reinforcer after an unwanted response. Decreases the probability of the same response occurring again

Negative reinforcement

Removing or decreasing an unpleasant or painful situation after a desirable response is produced. Increases the probability of the same response occurring again


claims that each learner constructs knowledge individually and socially.

Jean Piaget

Cognitive Constructivism

Sigmond Freud

Psychoanalytic Theory of Learning

Operant Conditioning

A behavior followed by a reinforcing stimulus results in an increased probability of that behavior occurring in the future.


assumes that behavior is observable and can be correlated with other observable events.Thus, there are events that precede and follow behavior.

Operant Conditioning

the idea that we behave the way we do because this kind of behavior has had certain consequences in the past.

Classical Conditioning

. An unconditioned stimulus (UCS) such as food, generates and instinctual reflexive, unlearned behavior, such as salivation when eating. The salivation was called an unconditioned response (UCR) because it was not learned. The bell, formerly a neutral sound to the dog, become a conditioned learned stimulus (CLS) and the salivation a conditioned response (CR).

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