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The force between the sound pole of a
magnet and the north pole of another magnet is measured. If the distance between the poles is increased by a factor of 3, how does the new force compare to the old one?

It is decreased by 3 squared, or 9

Two positive charged particles are placed next to each other. What will be their attraction to one another?

They will be strongly repulsed by each other

A black object is heated until it glows with a nice, orange-yellow glow. If the black object has no net electrical charge, where does the light come from?

The exchange of photons

If you were to use a positively charged rod to charge an object by induction, what charge will the object get?


If you were to use a positively charged rod to charge an object by conduction, what charge will the object get?


Under what conditions is an electrical circuit reasonably safe?

Low voltage + low current

Which wire would have the most resistance?

Long, thin wire

What determines the use of a metal?

Resistance levels

Christmas tree lights are strung to that when one light goes out the others stay lit. What type of circuit is this?

Parallel circuit

A magnet with 18% of its atoms aligned is placed next to a standard magnet. The attractive force is measured. A second magnet is placed next to the opposite end of the standard magnet. These magnets attractive force is measured at 5 times as strong as the first . what percentage of the second magnet's atoms are aligned?


Describe what happens when you "flip a switch" in your house to turn on a light.

Before when the switch is not flipped a piece of wire is sticking out not finishing the connection. As soon as the switch is flipped, it connects the wire and allow electrons to flow from one side of the battery to the next. Because of the connected wire, there is a current of electrons flowing through the circuit. When everything is flowing right the light will be on because it can be powered by the electrons and electricity in the circuit. As soon as the switched is flipped off the connection is broken from the no longer connected wire and the light bulb is off.

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