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  1. thylakoid
  2. berry
  3. trichomes
  4. perfect
  5. Casparian Strip
  1. a The epidermis has small hair or bristle-like structures called
  2. b A flower which has both male and female parts is called
  3. c A strip of impermeable material found in the cell wall of cells in the root endodermis is called the
  4. d Grana are attached to a massive membrane called
  5. e A mature ovary of a plant in which the seeds are scattered inside of a fleshy body is called a

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  1. In plants, organelles that are colored green are called
  2. Chloroplasts are packed with small disk-like structures called
  3. A mature ovary of a plant in which the seed is enclosed in a hardened shell with a fleshy outer layer is a
  4. The process in which a seed absorbs water and begins growth is called
  5. Continuous masses of cells in the cortex of stems and roots, in the pith of stems, in leaf mesophyll and in the flesh of fruits is called

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  1. ProkaryoticThick roots which originate from above ground plants are called


  2. pollenMany flowers have become showy and colored in an attempt to entice animals to collect and transmit


  3. xylemConducting tissue which lives and conducts sugars is


  4. root hairsSmall extensions of cells which occur near the root tip and help increase surface area of the roots are called


  5. mitochondriaThe epidermis has small openings which allow gas exchange which are called