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  1. fibrous roots
  2. tap roots
  3. Casparian Strip
  4. nodes
  5. Chloroplasts
  1. a Thick roots which extend directly down into the soil and may exceed 50 ft. in length are called
  2. b A strip of impermeable material found in the cell wall of cells in the root endodermis is called the
  3. c Plants have joints where the leaves emerge and these joints are called
  4. d In plants, organelles that are colored green are called
  5. e The absorptive roots of a plant which spread out in the upper 2 ft. of soil are called

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  1. Chloroplasts are packed with small disk-like structures called
  2. The small organelles where the processes of respiration occur are called
  3. These arrangement of the leaves can be grouped into two categories. When arranged like fingers on a hand, the arrangement is called:
  4. Conducting tissue which has no cell membranes and in effect is dead is called
  5. The leafless piece of stem between cotyledons are called

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  1. botanyA mature ovary of a plant in which the seeds are scattered inside of a fleshy body is called a


  2. germinationThe process in which a seed absorbs water and begins growth is called


  3. parenchymaCells which are dead at maturity and have thickened, often lignified cell walls are called


  4. inflorescenceA group of flowers on a single plant is called an


  5. thylakoidConducting tissue which lives and conducts sugars is