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  1. Cell Cycle Phase: G1
  2. Tumor
  3. capillaries
  4. Mitosis occurs in
  5. Stages of Early Development
  1. a the only place where the vessel walls are thin enough to allow gases and other materials to diffuse into and out of the blood.
    *carries the blood through the tissues.
    *tiny vessels that join arterioles and venules
  2. b all the body cells except the reproductive cells (somatic or body cells)
  3. c large mass of cells that go unchecked
  4. d Zygote, 2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, Morula, Blastula, Gastrula
  5. e cell increases in size, produces RNA & Synthesizing protein.

    Checkpoint: ensures readiness for DNA synthesis

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  1. body temp, blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, directs pituitary gland secretions
  2. the process of maintaining a balance in living organisms.
  3. (XO, chromosome 23) occurs when there is a partial or complete absence of one of the two X sex chromosomes.

    *small jaw, low set ears, webbed neck.
  4. "lymphocytes" fight infection
  5. similar in form

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  1. Cerebral Cortexneuron cell bodies. Left brain for language, speech, math.
    Right brain for intuitive, musical, artistic abilities.


  2. Poly-X syndromethere are three copies of chromosome 21.


  3. Mesodermthis human germ layer contains: liver, digestive system, lungs, pancreas, urinary tract.


  4. Sickle Cell anemiacell growth/protein production stop. focused on division. lasts 1-2 hours.

    Checkpoint: ensures cell is ready to complete division


  5. veinsshows the profile of the heart's contractions.
    P wave: 2 chambers to ventricle
    QRS complex: ventricles pump blood
    T wave: amount of time from ventricle to T wave