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  1. Mesoderm
  2. 5 out of 6
  3. Metastasize
  4. Schistomsoma Mansoni
  5. Ectoderm
  1. a this human germ layer contains: muscles, bones, blood, kidneys, reproductive organs.
  2. b ____ embryos won't survive to 8 weeks
  3. c parasitic infection that feeds off of the intestinal lumen. it has an oral sucker that helps it attach to the intestine for feeding.
  4. d spreading of cancer to other organs
  5. e this human germ layer contains: skin covering, nervous system, eyes, inner ear, lining of nose and mouth.

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  1. site of the auditory transduction. fluid filled structure which consists of two membranes with hair cells.
  2. the physical trait (widow's peak)
  3. a graph that allows you to thoroughly describe the data when you examine it.
  4. this structure is the most sophisticated life support system of all:
  5. trait with alleles carried on a sex chromosome.

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  1. 3 evidences of Common Descent #22. Comparative Anatomy - looking at both embryonic stages in different vertebrate organisms and the physical features of the adult vertebrate forelimbs in comparison with a common ancestor.


  2. Cerebral Cortexcoordinates muscle movements. balance, posture, muscle.


  3. White Blood Cellssmall arteries that connect to the capillaries


  4. efferent pathwaymuscle or gland that responds to the initial stimulus or receptor


  5. capillariesthe only place where the vessel walls are thin enough to allow gases and other materials to diffuse into and out of the blood.
    *carries the blood through the tissues.
    *tiny vessels that join arterioles and venules