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  1. Jacob's syndrome
  2. arteries
  3. Homologous
  4. 12 weeks
  5. Proto-Oncogene
  1. a the blood is being carried away from the heart and out to the body tissues in the
  2. b all basic structures have formed by ___
  3. c (XYY, chromosome 23) individuals possess an extra Y sex chromosome.

    *no obvious signs or symptoms. males seem normal.
  4. d similar in form
  5. e genes that code for growth factors which stimulate or jumpstart the cell cycle.
    *mutations leave the cell cycle turned on.

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  1. occurs in the testes of males. process of taking one cell and ending with four cells that are called sperm.
  2. controls language, conscious thought, memory, personality development, vision. Thinking & Feeling.
  3. blood is being carried away from the body tissues back to the heart in the
  4. (XXX, chromosome 23) occurs when an extra chromosome ends up in the 23rd position.

    *no signs. females seem normal. may be infertile.
  5. cell increases in size, produces RNA & Synthesizing protein.

    Checkpoint: ensures readiness for DNA synthesis

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  1. pituitary glandthe ___ signals the release of the secondary oocyte


  2. 30there are __ days in a year in which a woman can become pregnant


  3. accomodationability of the lens at the front of the eye to thicken and focus on near objects


  4. emmetropiaprophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase. cell division in which the nucleus divides into nuclei containing the same number of chromosomes.


  5. presbyopia"old eyes" or the loss of flexibility in the eye's lens