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  1. Cochlea
  2. Chromosome
  3. Cancer
  4. 5 out of 6
  5. Tumor Suppressors
  1. a uncontrolled cell division
  2. b site of the auditory transduction. fluid filled structure which consists of two membranes with hair cells.
  3. c ____ embryos won't survive to 8 weeks
  4. d genes code from the proteins that inhibit the cell cycle.
    *mutations turn off genes that allow the slow down of the cell cycle, DNA repair and cell death
  5. e the threads of DNA as they become visible.

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  1. the link between tracts through the brain
  2. DNA sequences for proteins and complex molecules contain chains of amino acids. If these differ, the organisms have changes over time.
  3. (XXX, chromosome 23) occurs when an extra chromosome ends up in the 23rd position.

    *no signs. females seem normal. may be infertile.
  4. trait where an intermediate phenotype can occur.
  5. (genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms

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  1. 4 to 6when you exercise, the normal cardiac output of 5 liters of blood per minute increases ___ to ___ times.


  2. astigmatismabnormal curvature of the cornea or lens


  3. Karyotypepicture used to see the 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes in an individual.


  4. afferent pathwayconsists of a sensory neuron and sends the informtaion from the receptor to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord in the CNS


  5. Proto-Oncogenegenes that code for growth factors which stimulate or jumpstart the cell cycle.
    *mutations leave the cell cycle turned on.