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  1. Plasmodium Malariae
  2. fallopian tube
  3. Chromatid
  4. Jacob's syndrome
  5. Bar graph
  1. a sperm and secondary oocyte meet in the ___ where fertilization takes place
  2. b transmitted by mosquitoes, this parasite causes malaria. worm-like parasite and non-nucleated red blood cells.
  3. c each individual member of the pair of chromosomes.
  4. d (XYY, chromosome 23) individuals possess an extra Y sex chromosome.

    *no obvious signs or symptoms. males seem normal.
  5. e use this when there is one continuous variable and one categorical. things like height, time, weight

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  1. 1. Fossil Record - seeing when fossils first appeared by evaluating the geological time chart.

    Precambrain: most distant
    Cenozoic: most recent
  2. parasitic infection that causes African sleeping sickness. Worm-like structures are the parasites.
  3. far-sighted
  4. cell increases in size, produces RNA & Synthesizing protein.

    Checkpoint: ensures readiness for DNA synthesis
  5. pathway of blood through human heart

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  1. Myopianear-sighted


  2. Cochleasite of the auditory transduction. fluid filled structure which consists of two membranes with hair cells.


  3. Atrioventricular nodestimulates the ventricles to contract via the Perkinje fibers buried deep in the heart muscle


  4. arteriesthe blood is being carried away from the heart and out to the body tissues in the


  5. Down syndrome(XXX, chromosome 23) occurs when an extra chromosome ends up in the 23rd position.

    *no signs. females seem normal. may be infertile.


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