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  1. 30
  2. fallopian tube
  3. 20 times
  4. 4 to 6
  5. veins
  1. a over the course of a pregnancy, there has been a ____ increase in the size of the woman's uterus, and blood supply increases by a 1/3rd
  2. b when you exercise, the normal cardiac output of 5 liters of blood per minute increases ___ to ___ times.
  3. c there are __ days in a year in which a woman can become pregnant
  4. d sperm and secondary oocyte meet in the ___ where fertilization takes place
  5. e blood is being carried away from the body tissues back to the heart in the

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  1. trait inherited with a single gene that has dominant and recessive alleles.
  2. near-sighted
  3. use when both variables are continuous. draw lines of best fit.
  4. at 12 weeks, the fetus weighs ___
  5. trait where an intermediate phenotype can occur.

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  1. Nondisjunctionoccurs during meiosis when the chromosomes or sister chromatids fail to separate.

    *an extra copy is present = trisomy
    *a copy is missing = monosomy


  2. arteriolesthe blood is being carried away from the heart and out to the body tissues in the


  3. completed grapha graph that allows you to thoroughly describe the data when you examine it.


  4. Homologousauditory, visual, and sensory receptors. balance.


  5. Down syndromethere are three copies of chromosome 21.


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