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  1. Conduction deafness
  2. Schistomsoma Mansoni
  3. Nondisjunction
  4. Line graph
  5. veins
  1. a occurs during meiosis when the chromosomes or sister chromatids fail to separate.

    *an extra copy is present = trisomy
    *a copy is missing = monosomy
  2. b reduced ability to hear due to a problem between the outside of the ear and the cochlea
  3. c parasitic infection that feeds off of the intestinal lumen. it has an oral sucker that helps it attach to the intestine for feeding.
  4. d blood is being carried away from the body tissues back to the heart in the
  5. e use when both variables are continuous. draw lines of best fit.

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  1. there are three copies of chromosome 21.
  2. the ___ signals the release of the secondary oocyte
  3. far-sighted
  4. this human germ layer contains: liver, digestive system, lungs, pancreas, urinary tract.
  5. a graph that allows you to thoroughly describe the data when you examine it.

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  1. Plasmodium Malariaesperm and secondary oocyte meet in the ___ where fertilization takes place


  2. accomodationability of the lens at the front of the eye to thicken and focus on near objects


  3. Trypanosoma Gambienseparasitic infection that causes African sleeping sickness. Worm-like structures are the parasites.


  4. Brainlarge mass of cells that go unchecked


  5. Meiosis(genetics) cell division that produces reproductive cells in sexually reproducing organisms