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Vitamins & Minerals

What is the association of energy and vitamins & minerals?
There are no calories/energy in vitamins & minerals.
What is a food source of Vitamin A?
What is a food source of Vitamin B?
Animal products
What is a food source of Vitamin C?
Citrus fruits
What is a food source of Vitamin D?
What is a food source of Vitamin E?
Nuts, seeds, vegetable oils
What is the effect of cooking, storing, and processing of vitamins?
Frozen foods are okay, boiling the foods is not as good
What is the cause of inadequate vitamin levels in the diet?
Not eating enough fruits and vegetables
What is the association of Vitamin A and a particular color?
Turns the skin color orange if there is too much intake
What are the water soluble vitamins?
Vitamins B & C
What are the fat soluble vitamins?
A, D, E, K
What are the benefits and dangers of each vitamin category?
Frequency and storage are needed
What is the difference between organic and inorganic compounds?
How much calcium should women intake daily?
1200 mg/day
Association between women and iron in the diet
Plant and supplement sources are well regulated in the body, but animal sources are not
What two things does increased physical activity also increase?
Mineral and calorie requirements
What types of diets need to be more careful about supplementing vitamins and minerals?
Low calorie diets
Fat, phosphorous, fiber, and caffeine may decrease what?
Calcium absorption
What may cause osteoporosis?
Low calcium in the diet or low weight bearing impact exercise
What contributes to building tissues, regulating metabolism, but not increasing energy?
What are some sources of minerals?
Plant sources, animal products, supplements, and drinking water, but especially dairy, dark greens, and fortified orange juice
What type of disease is commonly found in elderly women, thin runners, gymnasts, and amenorrheic athletes?
How much calcium should men intake in a day and what can too high of levels lead to?
1000 mg/day, prostate cancer
Where is heme iron found?
Animal derived foods
What two acids effect bioavailability of some minerals, specifically iron?
Oxalic and phytic acids
Moisture migration
As water moves during freezing and thawing, so do water soluble minerals (keeps food frozen)
Blanching vegetables
Quick heating to put enzymes out of commission and slow the ripening process
Food Irradiation & Cold Sterilization
Have the same process of blanching vegetables, but don't use heat, but instead chemicals, electricity, and UV rays
How does the body generally lose fluids?
Through perspiration, urination, defecation, and respiration
How does perspiration cool the body?
It evaporates on the skin
Heat stress is exacerbated by...
high humidity, no wind, and sun exposure
Who are most prone to heat stress?
Obese people, children, untrained people, and sick athletes
What is the most important nutrient for the body to sustain life?
What is the amount of fluids the body needs dependent upon?
Age, body size, and activity level
What is gastric emptying slowed down by?
Large volumes and low carbohydrate levels
What is an electrolyte?
A substance, when in a solution, conducts electricity
What is an example of mineral interaction?
When there is an excess of one mineral in the body, it depletes another; Mn aggravates Fe deficit, Fe deficiency leads to Pb uptake, vitamin C enhances Fe uptake
What does Willet say about multivitamin supplements?
They are an inexpensive insurance policy