chapter 10

Explain the results of the decline of deference in political terms
Self-made men could rise to power and have an effect in politics
* Notion of exclusiveness were much more likely to be scorn in politics
Describe how politics changed in the 1820's
* Universal white man suffrage - if you're a white man, you can vote
* Increase in the officials' being elected rather than appointed
* Officials appealing to the common man by having barbeques, parades, etc...
* Rise of the 2nd two party system, democrats & Whigs
* Dramatic rise in participation of people in politics
Name the presidential candidates in 1824
Rise of Andrew Jackson
* John Quincy Adams
* Andrew Jackson
* Henry Clay (Missouri compromise)
* William Crawford
Explain the elements of the "Corrupt Bargain" of 1824
In the election Jackson gets the most votes but doesn't have the majority; Adams is second and Clay is fourth. It get gets thrown into the House of Representatives where Henry Clay is the speaker. Adams gets elected because Clay supports Adams. After Adams gets elected, Clay becomes secretary of State. Andrew Jackson thinks Clay and Adams made a deal.
Describe the reasons John Quincy Adams had problems as president
* The cloud of the suspicion because of the corrupt bargain
* Backed more federal involvement in the economy when the public did not want it.
* In the off year election, 1826, Congress is changed to a pro Jackson Congress.
Name the supporters of Andrew Jackson in 1828
* Martin Van Bureau - North, New York, founder of Democratic-Republican
* John C. Callohoun - Leader of States right for pro slavery. runs as VP for Jackson and Southern support
* Francis Blair and Kindle - gave support from West, they were two editors
Discuss the basic elements of the election of 1828
* Corrupt bargain element
* Founding & support of the new democratic republican party
* Use of mass democracy - getting people to vote.
* Race become "Man of the people" vs "Aristocrate"
* Heavy focus on personality and rumors.
* very nasty race
* Jackson wins
Describe the basic aspects of the "Spoils System
* Ideas that an office holder would remove people who did not support him and appoint people who did support him (All presidents did this) - Jackson strongly supported the spoils system saw it as part of democracy.
Explain Jackson's Indian policy
* Remove all Eastern Indians & move them West of the Mississippi
* wanted it quickly done
* Rights of States were superior to Indian rights.
* Very rigors in Indian removal
Jackson is connected with the Cherokees trails of tears
* Indians had to volunteered but there was a lot of pressure on them
Explain why the tariff hurt South Carolina so much
* Raised the price dramatically from manufactured goods because they had to import them
* Created a fear that the foreign nations would put a tariff on them, which would make them have a hard time selling their goods.
Name the leader of the southern states' rights movement
* John Callhoun - eventually resign as Vp & runs for a seat in the senate
Explain the doctrine of nullification in 1832
States could nullify any federal law they saw as unconstitutional
Describe the events & results of the Nullification Crisis of 1832
* Congress passes a new tariff that still protected keeping out foreign goods
* South Carolina nullified this law
* Jackson responds by: Secretary of war to prepare for action, he says that nullification is treason; ask Congress to take troops and enforce the tariff( enforce bill)
* Congress enforce bill & also enacts a compromise tariff that lowers the tariffs dramatically.
* South Carolina denounces the nullification on the tariff but then nullify the force bill
* Jackson ignore this
Name the author of the Compromise Tariff of 1833
Henry Clay
Name the president of the Second National Bank
Nicholas Biddle
Describe the events of the Bank War of 1832
* Clay suggests to Biddle to renew the national bank
* Congress passes the renewal of bank
* Jackson Veto's the renewal - first veto where the president said its bad policy when before presidents said its unconstitutional
Explain how Jackson destroyed the Second National Bank
* Jackson told his cabinet to stop putting federal deposits in the bank
* Jackson also tells his secretary of treasure to deposit money in state banks
Name the candidates for president in 1836
* Martin Van Buren - wins
* Danille Webster
* William Henry Harrison
* Hugh Lauson White
Explain why Martin Van Buren's administration failed
* Failed because of the panic of 1837 & the depression that followed.
* Whigs blame the democratic because of too much government involvement
Explain the presidential campaign of 1840
* Whigs win for the first time
* Whigs nominate a war hero, William Henry Harrison
* Adopt mass democracy approach - appeal to the common man