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Unit 1: Operations with Rational Numbers


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additive inverse
the opposite of a number
multiplicative inverse
the product of a nonzero number and its reciprocal
absolute value
the distance from zero on a number line
the set of whole numbers and their opposites
natural numbers
counting numbers
negative numbers
an integer less than zero (to the LEFT of zero)
opposite numbers
the two numbers that are an equal distance from 0 on a number line, also called additive inverse
positive numbers
an integer that is greater than zero (to the RIGHT of zero)
rational numbers
any number that can be expressed as a ratio of integers
repeating decimal
a decimal in which one or more digits repeat infinitely
terminating decimal
a decimal number that ends or terminates
zero pair
two opposite numbers whose sum is zero
Long Division
arithmetical division in which the divisor has two or more figures, and a series of steps is made as successive groups of digits of the dividend are divided by the divisor, to avoid excessive mental calculation.