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What should you do with your headlights when meeting an oncoming vehicle at night?

turn on low beam headlights

How should you drive to get better traction in the rain?

drive in the track sleft by vehicle ahead

What can be a problem when driving into the sun?


What kind of tires provide better traction in snow or ice?

snow tires

What rule should you use when driving within the range of your headlights?

4 second rule


tires riding up on the surface of standing water

rock the vehicle

maneuver to free your car from snow, mud or sand

anti-lock brake system

slowing or stopping quickly without locking your wheels

tire chains

devices to increase traction

overdriving headlights

stopping distance exceeds the area lit by headlights

Try to cool an overheated engine by...

turning on your heater.

The best corrective action when skidding is to...

steer in the direction the rear of your car is skidding.

In cool weather ice form first on...

bridges and overpasses.

After driving through deep water, check your car's...


You are overdriving your headlights when you...

cannot stop within the distance lighted by your headlights.

To help others see you better during dawn and dusk use your...

low beam headlights.

When driving in fog, use your...

low beam headlights.

Dry out wet brakes by...

braking repeatedly.

Locked wheels cause a loss of...

steering control.

A strong tail wind makes stopping...

more difficult.

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