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aconsejar QUE

to advise

desear QUE

to desire, to wish

es importante QUE

it's important

es necesario QUE

it's necessary

es urgente QUE

it's urgent

exigir QUE

to demand

gustar QUE

to like

hacer QUE

to make

importar QUE

to be important

insistir (en) QUE

to insist (on)

mandar QUE

to order

necesitar QUE

to need

pedir (e>i) QUE

to ask for; to request

preferir (e>ie) QUE

to prefer

prohibir QUE

to prohibit

querer (e>ie) QUE

to want; to wish

recomendar (e>ie) QUE

to recommend

rogar (o>ue) QUE

to beg; to plead

sugerir (e>ie) QUE

to suggest

alegrarse (de) QUE

to be happy (about)

es bueno QUE

it's good

es extraño QUE

it's strange

es malo QUE

it's bad

es mejor QUE

it's better

es ridículo QUE

it's ridiculous

es terrible QUE

it's terrible

es una lástima QUE

it's a shame

es una pena QUE

it's a pity

esperar QUE

to hope; to wish

molestar QUE

to bother

sentir (e>ie) QUE

to be sorry; to regret

sorprender QUE

to surprise

temer QUE

to fear

tener miedo (de) QUE

to be afraid (of)

dudar QUE

to doubt

es imposible QUE

it's impossible

es improbable QUE

it's improbable

es poco seguro QUE

it's uncertain

(no) es posible QUE

it's (not) possible

(no) es probable QUE

it's (not) probable

negar (e>ie) QUE

to deny

no creer QUE

not to believe

no es evidente QUE

it's not evident

no es seguro QUE

it's not certain

no es verdad QUE

it's not true

no estar seguro/a (de) QUE

not to be sure

Es triste QUE

it's sad that

Ojalá QUE

God-willing that; I hope that

No es cierto QUE

it's not true; it's not certain

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