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History of Ancient Near East

Became Pharaoh after his brothers death
Laid siege against Avaris (Hyksos)
Stele was set up in Karnak to commemorate exploits
Married to Ahmose-Nefertari
Favored god Amun (Ra) [Creator God]
Posthumous funerary cult
Burried at Dra Abu el-Naga
Amenhotep I
Mother was Nefertari (served as co-regent)
Married sister Ahhotep II
Built Karnak
Earliest known water clock was invented by Amenemhat
Burried at The Valley of the Kings
Tuthmosis I
Aquired throne by marrying Amenhotep's sister Ahmes or Ahmose
Was a strong military commander of Amenhoptep
Buried at "The Valley of the Kings"
Had Tuthmosis II through his concubine Mutnofret
Tuthmosis II
Married Hatshepsut his half sister
One military campaign against Asiatics
Added a shrine to Karnak complex
Died at age 30, Buried at "V of the K"
Had Thutmosis III through his concubine Isis
Rules Egypt with Thutmosis III
Proclaimed herself as King after two years
Built a small chapel within her temple for her father
Continued exploitation of Sinai for copper
Built her funerary temple in Deir el-Bahri (built by Senenmut)
Built at Karnak
Obelisk were quarried at Aswan
Tuthmosis III
Erased all memory of Hatshepsut
Blocked her obelisk at Karnak
In 30 years, he had 17 campaigns
Built at Karnak Temple complex
Temple witness five stage conflict with Mitanni
Buried at the Valley of the Kings
Amenhotep II
Was known for his unusual physical strength
Several campaigns in Canaan
(3rd yr) captured 7 princes of Canaan and brought them to Egypt
Campaigned a few more times
Brought 90,000 slaves
Buried at the Valley of the Kings
Tuthmosis IV
Reigned for 9 years
Received vision on Giza plateau to uncover a sphinx, as his reward he became Pharaoh
Erected stele at Giza to commemorate event
Venerated Memphite gods
Died at age 30
Amenhotep III
Son of Thutmosis IV and Mutemwia
Pharoah at age 12
Married Tiy at age 14
Dedicated 600 statues to Sekhmet due to sickness
Great influence through NE
Peace and Prosperity
Amenhoptep IV/ Akhenaten
Crown at Karnak
Married his cousin Nefertiti
During 2nd year replaced Amun-Re with Aten
4th yr visited Akhetatan for new capital site
Capitol was moved to Memphis
Buried at Amarna
Continued tradition of Amarna
Died at age 20
Buried at Amarna
Married Ankhesenpaaten
Became Pharaoh at nine years old
Started reign in Akhetaten
Returned for old religion
Started mortuary temple at Medinet Habu
Continued work on Karnak
Constructed second pair of lions at Soleb (Did not set the lions)
Hittites took Qadesh and Amki
Died at 19
Rule a short while
Seen on wall of Tutankhamun's tomb reserved for a successor
Military leader since Tutankhamun
Qadesh and Amki were returned to him by Hittites
Continued to restore religion of sun god
Built Medinet Habu
Burried at Valley of Kings
Ramesses I
Royal commander who trained in military
Placed as Pharaoh by Horemheb
Promoted Heliopolitan religion
Shifted power from Thebes to Memphis
Did some work at Karnak
Erected chapel at Abydos (Osiris is god of dead)
Buried at Valley of the Kings
Seti I
Rewrote history
Tried to re-establish policies in Canaan
Fought against Shasu bedouin (Edomites)
Captured Gaza by dividing army into three divisions (Ra, Amum, Seth)
March against Qadesh
After Syria-Palestine was pacified, marched against Libya
After 4 campaigns Egypt was respected again
Buried at Valley of the Kings
Tomb has some of the most complete funerary texts
Built his mortuary temple at Abydos
Ramesses II
Best known Pharoah
Defeated Sherdon pirates during second year
Campaigned against Syria in 4th year
Campaigned against Qadesh, battle ended in peace
During 8th year he marched toward Qadesh again
Suppressed rebelion in Edon and Moab
Long reign created succession problems
Able to conquer Philistines
Object of Posthumous funerary cult
Ahmose's grandmother
Played an important role in creating the dynasty
She was still alive when her grandson became Pharoah
Ahhotep I
Second woman in Posthumous funerary cult
Ahmose's mother
She might have been co-regent with Ahmose
Ahmose - Nefertari
Third woman in Posthumous funerary cult
Outlived Ahmose
Received endowment "Doman of the God's wife"
Tile was recorded in "Stele of Donations"
Accredited for building Hatshepsut's temple in Deir el-Bahri
Personal nurse for Neferure
Became queen spokesman
Dissapeared from all texts towards the end of Hatshepsut's reign
Personal nurse was Senenmut
Wife of Thutmosis III
Mother of Amenhotep
Mother of Tiy
Father of Tiy
Wife of Amenhotep III
Daughter of Tuya and Yuya
Outlived her husband
Bore husband 6 children (2 sons, 2 girls)
Second son inherited Throne
Lived through first 8 years of sons reign
Stood ad the personification of Maat
Brought to her son's residence in Amarna
Cousin and wife of Amenhotep IV
Daughter of Ay
Wife of Ay
Was not seen after her marriage
Delegation was sent by Ankhesanamun so send a son for the throne
Sent his son Prince Sennanza
Son of Suppiluliumas
Killed in journey to Eypt to marry Ankhesanamun
New Kingdom
Another name for 18th Dynastry
18th Dynasty
Thutmosis III
Amenhotep II
Thutmosis IV
Amenhotep III
Amenhotep IV
19th Dynasty
Ramesses I
Seti I
Ramesses II
Seti II
Merneptah stele
Only Egyptian document that mentioning Isrir or Israel
Describes the victory over the Canaanites and Philistines (Sea People)
Hyksos gained control as early as 1730 or 1720 BC
Capital of Hyksos
Accepted Seth as main deity
Fell in 1570 and Hyksos were expelled
Was laid siege by Ahmose
Location of many temples
Ramesses I erected chapel here
Seti's mortuary temple is located here
Ta'a I became pharaoh here
The Valley of the Kings
Burial place of Pharoahs
Amenhotep I, II
Thutmosis I, II, III
Ramessess I, II
Seti I
Place where Amenhotep was crowned
Ahmose's stele was set up here
Main place of worship for 18th Dynasty
Temple complex
Made alliance with Egypt in order to protect themselves from Hittites
Took Qadesh and Amki after the assassination of Sennanza
Showed vision to Thutmosis IV
379 clay tablets were discovered here reflecting the relationship with NE
Capital city built by Akhenaten but abandoned later
god that was available to common man
Replaced Amun-Re during Amenhotep's IV reign
Seti I fought against them
Was also attacked by Ramesses II
King of the New Kingdom of the Hittite empire