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Behavioral Genetics

The branch of genetics the genetic and environmental factors to personality characteristics and behavior


A theoretical perspective, founded by John B. Watson, that focuses on observable, quantifiable behavior and the relationship between behavior and environmental elements

Cognitive Perspective

A branch of psychology that deals with thought processes or how people process information such as memory and language

Evolutionary Perspective

The study of the evolution of behavior using the principles of natural selection


A movement in psychology founded by William James in which consciousness was studied according to the function it serves, not the way it's structured. Functionalists focused on the purpose of consciousness had on behavior


An organized whole. Gestalt psychologists emphasized our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful wholes


A psychologists who goes to medical school. They specialize in the mind, and they often focus on the more serious mental disorders. They can also prescribe drugs and medications

Psychodynamic Perspective

A branch of psychology that focuses on the unconscious desires of people and how their childhood and past experiences affect their personality later on

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